Harry Winston Opus 12 Watch Review

When it comes to sporadic and exotic jewelry, the name Harry Winston comes to mind. The rarest of watches hand crafted and designed to perfection is what Harry Winston is all about. Harry Winston was an endowed American Jeweler who owned the Hope Diamond for over a decade.

Harry Winston Opus 12 Watch Review

He gave the world enchanting jewelry and watches made exclusively for the elite class. Since his passing in 1978 the Harry Winston industry kept soaring with innovative watch mechanics and designs. The most pioneering designs were seen in Opus watch collection starting from Opus 1 to now Opus 12.

Harry Winston Opus 12 Watch Features

Emmanuel Bouchet is considered as one of the finest watch makers of today. The Opus 12 was designed and hand crafted by this gifted man. He was the main brains behind the mechanics, structure and framework of the Opus 12 watch.

The Design

The Opus 12 draws its inspiration from the Copernican Revolution, i.e. when it was presumed that the earth was the center of the universe. The eccentric design is outlined by layers of intricate metal work and artistic placement of the dials.

Harry Winston Opus 12 Watch design

There are over 10 layers of mechanics involved in making this watch. As the time changes every hour, the dials rotate themselves independent of each other, which is a magnificent feat of engineering. The hand changes every five minutes and it becomes difficult to even comprehend the intricate mechanics involved in the Opus 12.

Hand Rotation

The most unique feature and never before seen innovation is the successive hand rotation every fine mines. The hands are placed under a 360 degree rotatable axis, which means if the clock strikes any time, the hands would automatically rotate and display the time. A floating small second hand rotates very precisely, and we cannot abate the precision of a Swiss watch, due to its perfection.

Parts and Movements

Manual winding is required because the Opus 12 is completely mechanical. In total the Opus 12 consists of 607 parts completely hand crafted and designed by Emmanuel Bouchet.

Parts and Movements

80 encrusted jewels and 2 barrels are also included in this avant-garde masterpiece. Each wind will provide 45 hours of power reserve.


Every hour and every five minutes are shown via 360 degree hand rotation, which is hard to comprehend with words unless or until seen in action.


It has a double hand system, it also has a Retrograde five minutes display. A small indicator for the power reserve and an indicator for milliseconds have also been embedded.

The Opus 12 has been designed and fabricated with 18 K white gold casing and measures at a diameter of 46 millimeters. The bracelet is hand sewn alligator leather and frosted sapphire crystal shows the small seconds. Due to the complex design, the enthralling artwork and state of the art watch engineering the Opus 12 is an exclusive limited edition version in the Opus series.

Harry Winston Opus 12 Watch Price

Only 120 have been made so far and each one of them is priced at a whooping US$ 260,000. A private appointment has to be created to buy and retrieve the Opus 12. It is undeniably one of the finest and most innovative watches ever seen by man.