Having Sex In The Kitchen

Having Sex In The Kitchen Sex happens in a frenzy of passion and impulse and the hormones that rush in to your system little makes you think the place or the location where you are having sex. However, some people have different fetish regarding sex which may include special sexual positions, locations, body parts, the ambience and so on. Many simply look for a bed, a couch or even the floor when the sexual passion sets in. But sex can really be very interesting if you consider taking it to an offbeat level by trying to do it in places which otherwise we may not associate sex with. The kitchen is one such place where sex can be very exciting, innovative and therefore filled with fun and pleasure.

Why to Have Sex In the Kitchen?

Sex is an art which requires innovative ways to display your passion. Passion ignites the deep emotions and physical attraction you feel towards each other which gets manifested through sex. When you make sex in the most creative ways you feel the optimum excitement and joy which eventually cements the deep bond that you share between each other. Why to Have Sex In the Kitchen Having sex in the kitchen can make the activity really spicy and hot as you have various ingredients and interesting places where you can have fun while having sex. You can make use of the flour in the cabinet or the chocolate sauce in the refrigerator or the strawberries on the kitchen counter. You can achieve almost any sexual position you want to on the kitchen floor or on the platform.   You can use anything that is in the kitchen; the kitchen platform, the bar stool, the stove, the kitchen floor, the table, the ice from the freezer, the water from the sink and so on. Whichever ways you want to have sex in the kitchen be sure none can ever disappoint you!

Make Sex In The Kitchen Interesting!

You can either go for sex in the kitchen in a planned way or you can just surprise your spouse by being naughty while she is busy with her cleaning or preparing dish. Sneak into the kitchen and begin by helping her with her chores. Gradually get close to her and wrap your arms around her or simply give her a deep kiss. You can take her in your arms and she will surely know what you are up to but before she guesses anything place her on the kitchen counter and start caressing her neck and breasts with your lips and palms. She will definitely enjoy this move and begin to feel excited and once the platform is set no more guidance is required for you! Make Sex In The Kitchen Interesting! You can begin by playing pranks on each other, throw flour or baking powder on each other and for a while forget about the mess that is getting created in the kitchen. You both can clean it later on but the joy you will get through these activities can keep lingering in your mind making you feel excited and happy. Playing together in naughty ways often sets the tone for sex and what follows is sheer joy and excitement. Throw strawberries on each other only to be followed by milk and honey and then lick up each other by savoring every moment’s taste on your tongues. naughty ways Massage each other and get into a playful frenzy so that you can keep cherishing the moments whenever you enter the kitchen and to work there.