Healthy Diet To Lose Weight

Lose Weight Everybody would want to look slim and stunning. People having these features are sure to be admired by all. Hence, it is very important to follow a healthy diet for the purpose of losing weight. Even from the health point of view, it is very necessary to follow a healthy diet. If you have gained lot of weight, it would be the best to take healthy food in a specific schedule that has to be necessarily followed. In that case it is advisable to lose about 1 Kg weight in a week.

For this purpose, you will have to eat about 1000 calories less in a day. By following the below mentioned points it would help you to consume healthy food in good proportions and would also make you feel more active. Different types of healthy food to be consumed to lose weight that is usually recommended.

How to Lose Weight

Fish and Meat

Food like fish, meat, beans etc is a good source of protein. This is essential for our well-being and keeps us healthy as it contains iron, zinc and Vitamin B. By consuming protein, it helps you to control appetite and it would in turn help you to reduce calories. But make sure you use very less oil for cooking these if you want to frit to be fried.

Fish and Meat

It is always better to make any good curry out of it as it consumes less oil. When you use protein like chicken, make sure to remove the skin from the same and then use it. Even if this has proved to be necessary for good health, it is very important to have a very small portion of the same every day. When you have it in a day it is better if you consume 1 small piece of fish, a small cup of beans and an egg.

Fruits and Vegetables

Different types of fruits and vegetables have good content of vitamins and minerals that are essential for good health. Hence, it is very necessary to include a good quantity of fruits and vegetables in your diet. These contain huge amount of water and are very essential to consume it. You can have it in the form of a salad as it has proved to be healthy and tasty.

In a day you can have vegetables that includes peas, carrots etc. Fruits like apple, grapes, and strawberries are very good for a healthy diet. You can either have it as a whole and can make juice out of it. Dry fruits like almonds, walnuts etc are very essential for good health. You can consume vegetables and fresh fruits of about a cup each and dry fruits about half a cup.

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Dairy Products

Food like cheese, milk and yoghurt has good content of calcium, protein and vitamins. But it is very necessary to consume it in less quantity.


It is better to go for less fat food. It is suggested that you can have 2 glasses of milk and a small cup of yoghurt for a healthy diet.

Starch and Carbohydrates

Food like rice and potato has good content of iron and Vitamin B. It helps you to control your appetite. However, it is suggested to have less of these. Ideally, you can have 2 potatoes, 1 small cup of rice and 2 chapatti in your diet.
If you follow the above without deviating from it, you can notice the changes within about a month in yourself.