Helpful Tips to Learn How to Delay Ejaculation

How to Delay Ejaculation A long-lasting sexual intercourse can be quite tricky for most people as it is the natural tendency of the body to climax quickly. Thus, having certain tips and tricks to delay the natural course of action can be quite helpful.

Read on to find some of the greatest sexual techniques that will help you learn how to delay ejaculation by avoiding extreme stimulation.

Using Lubrication to Delay Ejaculation

Most of us are aware of the fact that the head is undoubtedly the most sensitive area of a man’s penis. The friction that is felt against the nerves which end at the tip of the penis is the most common cause behind climax. Thus, it is evident that minimizing the intensity of the friction is the best way of lasting longer in bed.

This can be done by using a condom and abundant amounts of lubrication. Use of lubricant and condom is the very first step to delay ejaculation and is sure to give you few additional minutes during intercourse.

Changing Sexual Approach to Delay Ejaculation

The next step is to make changes in the way most of us approach sex. Instead of thrusting the penis inside her, causing it to rub harshly against her vaginal walls, it is a good idea to minimize all dramatic movements as much as possible, till you feel that it is time to end things.

So, instead of thrusting your penis inside her, you can try pushing it. Once you penetrate inside, there is no need to immediately start banging it and out.

Keep in mind that a woman’s vagina is much tighter and narrower at the entrance, and starts becoming looser and more expanded when you move deeper inside.

You can use this fact to your advantage. You should focus on going as deep as possible and then using other parts of the body to arouse her erogenous zones. To do this, you can use your tongue and your fingers.

Use the bottom part of your shaft, as well as your pubic bone to concentrate on her clitoris. Most people carry out the in and out motions alone; however, you can also try going up and down, from side to side, as well as round and round.

It can make her feel great and also won’t lead to you losing control. Once you feel that you are ready to heat things up, you can start thrusting.

Using Herbs To Delay Ejaculation

Another helpful technique is to heighten one’s sexual drive with the help of different herbs. It is a known fact that lack of proper sexual drive can also be an important reason behind premature ejaculation. Therefore, taking herbal supplements for boosting your testosterone levels and your libido will put you on the right track.

Learning to delay ejaculation will surely change your sexual life quite dramatically. Learning about ways of prolonging your sexual intercourse will go a long way in making your partner sexually satisfied and happy.