Herbs That Boost Metabolism

Herbs That Boost Metabolism Metabolism is known to be the chemical and physical processes which occur in your body, converting energy for use in performing daily activities. If you want to lose weight or maintain a lean and muscular build, you must strive to keep your metabolism high at all times.

There are several ways by which you can increase your metabolism. Herbs are considered to be beneficial in increasing your metabolism. Listed below are the herbs that are helpful in increasing your metabolism.

4 Herbs That Boost Metabolism


Kelp is considered to be a kind of seaweed, which may help in boosting your metabolism. This is known to boost the operation of the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland, when underactive, is known to cause your metabolism to decrease, resulting in weight gain or inability to lose weight. It also helps in keeping you satisfied after you have your meals.

This will be helpful in keeping your blood sugar levels healthy as well as preventing hunger pangs, which cause lethargy and gluttony. You can consume this herb in the form of a pill or in the dried form. However, it is recommended that you consult your physician regarding the dosage and side-effects of this herb.

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Alfalfa is a herb that is known to possess diuretic properties which are helpful in increasing the metabolism. It is known to be helpful in getting rid of the waste products from the body as well as boosting the process of digestion, for which energy is needed.

It is also beneficial in maintaining the health of the blood vessels as well as boosts the solubility of fats. This is known to take place as a result of the presence of saponins in this herb.

This is beneficial for your body because if your body is healthy, it will burn calories faster, which will boost your metabolism. This herb can be added to several stir-fry dishes as well as soups.


Fennel is known to be a common type of herb, which is considered to be helpful in boosting the metabolism. This herb is known to play the role of a diuretic, which helps in eliminating the waste products out of the body.

This herb is usually consumed by seasoning foods such as soups and vegetables with it. You can also consume this herb in the form of a tea by mixing a teaspoon of fennel seeds with around 2-3 cups of water and then boil it. You must make sure that you consume no more than four cups a day as it is known to have a toxic effect when consumed in such quantities.


Ginger is a spicy herb which is regarded as beneficial in boosting up your metabolism as well as increasing the expenditure of calories. According to several studies, it has been reported that the consumption of ginger, whether in the dry or fresh form, can be helpful in burning more than 20 percent extra calories every day.

This calorie burning effect of ginger is attributed to the amount of gingerol present in ginger. Gingerol is known to be responsible for the pungent taste of ginger.