High Blood Pressure And Sex Disorder

effects of high blood pressure on sex life High blood pressure is a dreadful disease which enters into a person’s life silently and takes the life of that person that’s why this disease is also known as ‘the silent killer’. Another name of high blood pressure is hypertension.

Before killing a person, high blood pressure makes the life of its victim miserable and affects many health aspects of that person. It also affects the sexual life of its victim and develops many sex disorders.

Effects of High Blood Pressure On Sex Life

High blood pressure leads to impotence and erectile dysfunction. These are major sexual problems and no man would want to be the victim of these sexual disorders but people who are patients of hypertension mostly suffer from these sex disorders.

High blood pressure damages your nerves and lining of your arteries and blood vessels. In fact high blood pressure gradually damages most of your organs and causes serious conditions such as kidney damage. High blood pressure is mostly caused due to atherosclerosis.

This is a condition in which your arteries and blood vessels become hard and lose their elasticity. This leads to the obstruction of blood flow in your system. Eventually your sexual organs are also affected which means blood supply to your penis, testicles etc is partially blocked.

This leads to erectile dysfunction because for erection your penis needs sufficient amount of blood. When blood flow to your penis is reduced, you can not achieve the desired erection and somehow if you achieve erection, you may face ejaculation problem.

High blood pressure not only obstructs blood flow in your system but it also damages your arteries. Thus it has been proved that there is a great link between high blood pressure and sex disorder.

High blood pressure is also responsible for low level of testosterone. Testosterone is a hormone (also known as male hormone) which gives a man the characteristic of a man such as moustaches, male voice, hard muscles etc. This hormone is also responsible for all the sexual activities in a man.

Hence when this hormone is affected i.e. when its level is reduced, many sex related problems develop. You start suffering from low sperm count, loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, impotence etc.

Why is High Blood Pressure Dangerous

Men usually do not observe symptoms of high blood pressure for many years hence it is very dangerous because you come to know about it when it can’t be reversed. However, if you have started facing problems in your sexual activities and sexual performance than you should get your blood pressure checked up. You might be diagnosed with pre-hypertension stage or stage 1 high blood pressure.

Not only men, but women too are badly affected with high blood pressure.

Apart from causing sex disorders, high blood pressure can cause various other problems which can affect your sexual life which are given below.

High Blood Pressure, Stroke and Sex Life


High blood pressure is one of the leading causes of stroke. When blood flow to your brain is obstructed due to the plaque deposits on the walls of the arteries, your brain do not receive blood and oxygen. Eventually your brain cells start dying. If your brain is not supplied blood immediately, you can suffer from stroke.

Once you suffer from stroke your all sexual activities would come to a halt. It happens because your brain plays vital role in performing any sexual activity. Any person with any brain disorder can not perform sexual activity successfully. It is the brain that sends commands and signals to your sex organs to perform any sexual activity.

High Blood Pressure, Heart Attack and Sex Life

Heart Attack:

People with high blood pressure are afraid of performing sex because they are afraid of heart attack. It is not true that if your blood pressure is high you will get a heart attack if your indulge in sexual activities but if your blood pressure is too high it can really take your life because sexual activities accelerate the blood flow in your body.

Your heart needs more blood and oxygen in this case. But your arteries and blood vessels are unable to allow the blood to fulfill the requirement because of the plaque (fatty deposits) on the walls of the arteries. Eventually you suffer from a heart attack. But you can enjoy your sex life despite having heart disease or high blood pressure if you exercise regularly. Exercise prepares your body for smooth blood flow throughout your body which helps you when you are involved in sexual activities.

Effects of High Blood Pressure Medicines on Your Sex Life

High blood pressure medicines also affect your sexual life to great extent. But this does not mean that you should stop taking these medicines. It would be dangerous and life threatening to stop high blood pressure medicines without consulting your doctor. Report your doctor your sexual problems honestly and he/she may ask you to stop high blood pressure medicines and see whether your sex problems are resolved to some extent or not.

How to Prevent High Blood Pressure

If you do not want to face sex related problems, you will have to prevent causes that lead to high blood pressure. There are various causes of high blood pressure over which you don’t have control such as race, gender, family history and age but there are other causes of hypertension over which you can have control such as obesity, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy foods, stress, smoking, salt consumption etc.

If you are gaining weight you are likely to develop high blood pressure in the coming years. Therefore you must reduce your weight. Sedentary life style increases Vitamin K in your system and makes your blood thick which causes high blood pressure. You must exercise daily for 1 hour to improve blood circulation and to prevent thickening of your blood. You should also avoid unhealthy foods such as oily foods, junk foods, processed foods etc to prevent high blood pressure.

Smoking is one of the leading causes of high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction and heart attack. It also causes cancer and heart diseases. Hence you must quit smoking immediately.

If you have developed high blood pressure you should eat foods that lower blood pressure. There are also home remedies for high blood pressure. You can also control blood pressure in natural ways or with the help of herbal remedies.

Therefore follow measures to prevent high blood pressure and enjoy your life!