Home Remedies For Itchy Allergy Skin

 Itchy Allergy Skin Itching is one of the most common and definitely embarrassing problem that one face. It is so uncontrollable that you cannot help but to itch in the presence of several people which can be pretty awkward.

Why do you itch? It is because of several skin allergies, too dry skin and bites of insects. This article would help you know about certain excellent remedies at home to treat Itching of allergy skin.

People itch the most during the winters since the skin becomes too dry and the white flakes scrap off the skin. It can lead to infections or even cause redness due to excessive itching. Therefore it very important to moisturize during winters to keep the skin to become too dry so that you prevent itchiness.

Effective Home Remedies For Itchy Skin

Vitamin E Oil For Treating Itching Allergy Skin

Vitamin E oils or other important oils of Aloe Vera and Cod liver are excellent sources to give your skin the nourishment it need to keep it moist and moisturized. It is also helpful to rub a piece of aloe Vera over the affected area for instant cure of the itchiness.

Hot And Cold Water Treatment For Itching Allergy Skin

Warm water gives you immense relief from redness or itchiness. Heat a bowl of water. Immerse a cloth, squeeze all the water and dab on the affected area. Similarly take a bowl of cold water and repeat the same. Make sure you do it for about 15 minutes and you would feel the difference instantly.

Milk Bath Treatment For Itchiness of Allergy Skin

Milk if mixed with pinch of baking soda and or oatmeal becomes a very helpful treatment for curing itchy allergy skin.

Home Remedies For Itchy Allergy Skin

You can also add cornstarch to the bathing water that provides natural respite from the redness. Add neem leaves for its great medicinal properties is very favourable in giving instant cure.

Apple Cider vinegar Home Treatment

Apple cider vinegar if added to the bathtub has a very soothing effect on the skin. Take a shower twice a day for fast results.

Eucalyptus or Peppermint Remedy

One of the most popular home remedies for treating itching allergy skin is to put 3-4 drops of eucalyptus oil in the bathing water and take shower. You can also us peppermint oil which has the cooling property to treat any itching or redness.

Lemon Juice Home Treatment for Itching

Lemon, one of the most helpful ingredients in the fridge is capable of curing many health and skin problems one being excess itching due to allergies. All you need to do is mix two spoons of lemon juice along with aloe Vera and vitamin E oil in equal quantities and apply this oil on the affected area.  It not only helps to cure the itching but also nourishes it with essential oils.

You must also remember not to eat stuff that can cause you allergy. During this time, doctors advice to drink plenty of water as well as avoid too much spice! Take care.