Homeopathic Remedies For Cold

Homeopathic Remedy For Cold People of all age groups can suffer from a cold. People who suffer from a cold often experience symptoms such as body ache, fever, loss of appetite and soreness in the throat.

In many cases, the nasal passages get clogged with phlegm and the person experiences difficulty while breathing. Colds are normally caused due to an infection in the respiratory tract. Such an infection normally takes about three or four days to heal completely.

However, it is important to keep consuming hot fluids during this time as they help to loosen the deposits of mucous in the respiratory tract. Homeopathy is able to offer much relief to those who suffer from colds.

Several homeopathic medicines can be used to alleviate the symptoms of this condition. As a result of this, the patient is able to recover completely.

Certain homeopathic medicines are also able to boost the immunity of the affected person. This helps the body by enabling it to fight off various respiratory infections.

Homeopathic Remedies For Cold

Allium Cepa

This homeopathic remedy is very effective in treating a common cold. It is often given to children who are very prone to suffering from colds.

It eases the congestion and helps treat the problem of a runny nose. Body pain and loss of taste can also be dealt with by consuming allium cepa till the symptoms disappear completely. This is one of the most common remedies when it comes to the treatment of a common cold.


Gelsemium is another powerful remedy which can be used to treat a common cold. It is even helpful in treating the symptom of body pain which affects many of those who suffer from a common cold.

It is important to consume hot fluids even while taking medicines for a cold. Steam inhalation is also very helpful as it clears the nasal passages. The dissolved phlegm is discarded through the nose and mouth.

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This remedy is commonly prescribed for children as it helps them to recover at a much faster rate than normal. In many cases, the nasal passages become extremely itchy and this makes the person cough.

Such a cough can be quite aggravating as the patient is often unable to speak without coughing. Arsenicum helps to treat this itchiness by soothing the inflamed nasal passages. This makes it a very useful remedy for colds, especially among children.


Phosphorus is beneficial in soothing a sore throat. Many of those who suffer from a cold also suffer from a sore throat. Such people can make use of phosphorus as it has a calming effect on the throat.

It helps to soothe the symptom of throat pain as well. Phosphorus is very mild on the delicate linings of the throat and so it can even be given to children who are suffering from a cold or any other respiratory condition.


This remedy can also be used in those cases where the patient suffers from the additional symptom of fever. Belladonna helps to bring the fever under control within a short span of time. It also helps to clear the respiratory passages by causing the elimination of mucous deposits.

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