How Can Self-Awareness Enable To Develop An Intimate Relationship

Self-Awareness It is easy to blame the other person when a relationship fails. But, if you scrutinize what went wrong objectively, you may find that you are as much to blame as your partner. The key to a successful relationship is giving more than taking. By developing self-awareness, you can ensure that you give your best to your partner. When he/she realizes this, they will automatically reciprocate your goodwill which can bloom into a successful intimate relationship.

What Is Self-Awareness?

Self-awareness is nothing but being mindful of your passing thoughts, feelings and emotions and the motives behind your actions. Self-awareness will enable you to detect any negativities or ill-will in your mind towards your partner or anybody else. Once you become aware of this negative feeling, you can try to trace the root cause of its origin. If you feel your partner is the cause of your negative emotions, you can take appropriate corrective measures to amend the situation.

Why Self-Awareness Is Important?

A self-aware and mindful person is able to courageously and objectively face his fantasies, expectations, interpretations, attitude, thoughts and feelings. This will enable you to recognize the various masks you wear in different social conditions, which are brought about by the social conditioning you have experienced since childhood. Self-awareness will enable you to recognize the essential you, which is your genuine authentic self. This will give you the confidence to be yourself in any situation and offer the best you have to your partner.

How Self-Awareness Can Reveal Your Inner Motives

You may have given your all in a relationship and responded to your partner with enthusiasm and complete love. But, your partner may think you are too clingy and move away. In this situation, self-awareness can make you realize that the actual motives behind your over-enthusiastic behavior are neediness and the fear of loneliness. This self-understanding can make you less smothering and more spacious in your relationship.

Self-Awareness Can Reveal Unconscious Feelings


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Sometimes, our mind may be conditioned by unpleasant events of the past. For example, some men may think their girlfriends are too nagging and annoying. This reaction may be because these men were brought up by strict mothers who monitored and criticized their every move. Not surprisingly, they may feel nagged when their girlfriends comment on something they do. In this situation, self-awareness can help such men forget and forgive unpleasant past events and move on towards a more positive relationship with their partner.

Use Self-Awareness To Analyze Your Needs

Many people go through the dating ritual in a mindless fashion and jump from one relationship to the next. Before you start preparing and grooming for your next date, take some time off to analyze why you want to date in the first place and what are the things you seek in a relationship. Once you are clear about your needs and motives, you can then start looking for a partner who can fulfill these needs. This will help you zoom in on the most suitable partner to whom you can give your very best.

To Sum Up

Self-awareness can make you realize your strengths which you can utilize to make your partner happy. Likewise, you will become more mindful of your drawbacks and ensure that you don’t impose them on your partner. So, take some time out every day to practice mindful meditation to become more aware of the shenanigans of your monkey mind and to gradually gain mastery over it.

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