How To Add More Spice To A Long Lasting Relationship

How many you married couples or those in a long lasting relationship explore the spice in your love life? How many of you now are in a serious hunt of the charm of the initial stage of your relationship ? Do you find the spark, the romance missing from your life? Do you wish to keep the fire alive?
Love is a wonderful feeling, an amazing bonding shared by two individuals. The intimate moments shared by two different human beings bring them closer physically and emotionally as well unlike in any other kind of relationship. Love is the greatest force of nature.

How To Add More Spice To A Long Lasting Relationship

The special person of your life holds a special place in your heart and finding him/her is very exciting and once you find him/her, you tend to stay at cloud nine and think about the person always. But with the passage of time, people get engrossed in their everyday routine, in the quest of success and other obligations.

And these lead to the depletion of spark, charm from the love life. Love still exists but the appeal fades away. Life becomes wearisome. The special feeling that was there before gives way to the scheduled life. So, guys, if you are really looking forward to make your love life interesting and enamouring, try to add a bit of creativity and spice to it. It will work astoundingly.

Ways To Add More Spice To A Long Lasting Relationship

Spend Amorous Moments With Each Other

Go out for a date or a candle light dinner by holding hands just the way it used to be during the initial years of your relationship. It gives a magnificent feeling of closeness which was perhaps lost amidst the clamour of life.

How To Add More Spice To A Long Lasting Relationship

Plan a trip, just the two of you, chill out and experience each other’s comportment. Do some fun activities together. The time spent with each other amidst the blare of everyday life will help to revive the moments.

Do Something Out Of The Blue

Surprises are a wonderful way to impersonate your feelings. Listen patiently to the items that your spouse wishes to buy and purchase it for him/her. It need not be very costly. But it makes her/ him feel that you still pay heed to her/his desires. Birthday gifts, flowers, anniversary gifts or cooking a special food that your spouse is fond of also work astoundingly. It makes your spouse feel how special is she/ he is in your life, how caring you are for her/him.

Physical Intimacy

Amorous moments are absolutely essential to maintain the physical intimacy with your partner. Hugs, kisses, holding hands, gently caressing your spouse, pampering him/her bring back the romance in your life. The mere absence of physical intimacy all throughout the day and a sudden desire of sizzling sex as soon as children retire to bed works negatively. Guys, this makes your love life a total formality and nothing else.

How To Add More Spice To A Long Lasting Relationship

So, continue touching each other all throughout. Do some activities together. This will help a naughty atmosphere to persist in the relationship. Sometimes a tight hug means a lot. It portrays that you want your partner to be yours forever. A happy, charming and fresh atmosphere prevails in the house despite having a tiring morning schedule.

Say Those Magic Words

The words : “I love you” “ you are so sexy” “you look beautiful” “my handsome hero” or some other aphrodisiac words mark a significant alteration in your love life and your social and family life as a whole. Naughty messages whenever you get a perfect respite from your job let your spouse know that you are totally preoccupied with her/him and you miss her/ him whenever you are solitary. Vaunting about your destiny to get such an amazing and corroborative life partner lights up his/her face with superbia and expiation.


It is very important to make love with your partner regularly – a romantic bath together, having wine and feeding each other chocolate strawberries seductively, sharing a cup of tea, touching each other while watching the morning news. Sex vivifies your marvellous relation, avoids an unamusing life and maintains a healthy pleasant relation with your soul mate. Sex brings back the liaison, wiping out the distance created between the partners and restores the beguile of the relation.

How To Add More Spice To A Long Lasting Relationship

Life is a sinusoidal curve. Relishing every moment with the darling of our heart makes life felicitous, contented, beaming and fascinating. Boredom is a dangerous word which needs to be erased from the dictionary of life to rejuvenate the serenity and the charm. Life filled with mischievousness, spices will make a long lasting relationship healthy, and cheerful, thus restoring the spark, the appeal of the relationship.