How To Avoid Smoking

How To Avoid Smoking If you really want to quit smoking or reduce the number of times you are taking a fag, first and foremost step is “self determination”. Unless you are really determined about the idea, you will give in again to your cravings.

There is something called self control; either you can control yourself or let tobacco control you! When in office or at home or on a tour, you always want to be in control of things, you always want to be the decision maker too, then why give in when it comes to smoking. Why let tobacco rule your world?

It is not only about self control that you got to be bothering about, it is majorly about the fact that you are letting your health, family and dear ones be affected by one simple craving of yours. All that you’ve earned can go down the hospital bills if you develop any kind of cancer or any other complication because of this habit of yours.

You can start with decreasing the number of cigarettes you are lighting, and eventually get this habit of yours to a complete halt. Ways you can avoid smoking and curb your cravings are various. You can select ones which suits you best:

Delay Hankering

If you feel like drawing one fag of that cigarette, delay it for next 15 minutes. Say yourself that you shall take a drag only after 15 minutes, and try engaging yourself in some other activity in those 15 minutes. High chances are that your craving will reduce and you might forget about it for some more time while you are engaged in some activity.

Increase your Physical Activities

Starting with deep breathing and a simple morning walk for half an hour to forty five minutes will be helpful. It will reduce your cravings for cigarettes, distract you from your hankering and channelize your energy better.

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Pop Mint

After any meal get in the habit of popping peppermints or chewing gums, since the cravings are at their peak after a meal. This will help as an alternative and also help curb your cravings better.

Stress Management

We tend to fall back on our bad habits once undergoing a tough phase or a stressful period. Any kind of tension triggers the need to draw a fag. Curb that by talking to people, touching base with family and friends, discussing problems with your colleagues and dear ones. Try deep breathing techniques, stress balls, massage, yoga etc which are effective and proven and practiced methods to reducing stress.

Moral Support

Join a support group for quitting tobacco, this will give you a moral support and also help you understand that you are not the only one seeking ways to avoid smoking. You will find people who can relate with you and the troubles you are facing to calls in quits to smoking.

Why Finds Ways to Avoid Smoking?

Stick a small chart of pointers on why you should avoid smoking on your work desk, mirror or on the wall opposite to your bed. Remembering the benefits of quitting smoking will motivate you in a better way and help you feel healthier already on every cigarette you avoid.

Happy quitting!

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