How To Battle Food Cravings

How T Battle Food Cravings Whether you are bored, depressed or a diabetic, eating unhealthy sugar and fats is not the best way to satisfy those sudden cravings for fatty foods and sugary delicacies. Most people struggle to overcome food cravings.

Unhealthy eating, not eating enough, pregnancy and hormonal fluctuations in the body often fuel these cravings. Gorging on unhealthy snacks in between meals can put you at risk of lifestyle diseases and send your weight loss goals helter-skelter. Here are some effective ways to battle those harmful food cravings.

Ways To Battle Food Cravings

Go For Complex Carbs

Carbohydrate junkies should opt for complex carbs like multi grain flour, oatmeal and whole pulses in order to satisfy their food cravings. If you are really hungering for cookies, opt for an oatmeal muffin, which has been made with brown sugar instead of refined flour muffins that are loaded with trans fats. Try making muffins at home, which are healthier.

Avoid Refined Sugar

How T Battle Food Cravings

Refined sugar is the biggest culprit for unhealthy food. This is because it increases the insulin level in the body, which quickly metabolizes the sugar, leading to sudden and uncontrollable hunger pangs in a short period of time. This leads to more cravings for carbs and sugar. Opt for healthy sugars like dates, raisins, jiggery and fruits, which have natural sugar.

Take In Essential Fatty Acids

If you like to eat fatty foods, opt for essential fats. Use mayonnaise made in olive oil or canola oil. Binge on nuts and low fat cheese. Dress your oatmeal with flaxseeds or nuts to make you feel full.


Exercise is the best way to say good-bye to cravings. Exercise makes you feel good, stay positive and curbs sugar cravings arising out of boredom. Post exercise hunger can be effectively battled with protein rich foods that help to reduce sugar and fatty cravings.

Drink Water

How T Battle Food Cravings

Sip on water throughout the day. Drink a big glass of water just before a meal to so that you eat less during the meal. Most of the time people binge on high calorie food when all they need is water because their bodies are dehydrated.

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Boredom, stress and depression can send you packing to the fridge or larder, so make sure you effectively de-stress by indulging in regular meditation, yoga and deep breathing to eliminate stress form your life.

Sleep Right

Sleeping late at night can make you hungry and will make you yearn for that doughnut and coffee. Have an early dinner by 8 pm and retire early to bed. If you feel hungry during bedtime, opt for a glass of milk instead.

Do Not Starve

How T Battle Food Cravings

Starvation diets are more likely to elicit unhealthy food cravings. Starvation makes your body go into survival mode and can drive you crazy with hunger. Opt for well-balanced meals instead which are high in carbohydrates, proteins and fats to stave off hunger pangs.

Eat Fatty Food Occasionally

Even if you are consuming healthy food, you are still likely to suffer from hunger pangs. Opt for sugary snacks occasionally. Satisfy those cravings of brownies and pizzas once in a week. You will feel good and not feel guilty about having gorged.