How To Be A Winning Father

How To Be A Winning Father Fathers are as important as the mothers. In fact many children feel safer when their fathers are around simply because moms are there always, they love but shout too but fathers go to work, stay out maximum time therefore they tend to be more soft and lenient compared to mothers.

A relationship between a father and daughter or father and son is a very special one. It’s like a growing plant that needs constant care and nourishment. Care in the form of taking care of one’s needs and nourishment in the form of unconditional love that they share. Here’s a list of things that a man should do to become a winning father.

Express Love to Your Child

All fathers love their children but what is important is to express it in the form of words or sweet gestures to make your kids know that you are always there for them. You want your child to be successful in life but do not push him/her so hard that he/she goes too far from you.

A nagging dad or a too ambitious father can really ruin the relationship. It is good that you encourage your child to study but do not force him/her so much, that the kid starts to fear you.

Talk to Your Child

Communication, a healthy one, is a key to any great relationship. Talking your hearts out is very important to understand the mind of your child. You get to know a lot about your child’s likes and dislikes which makes you learn how to be a better father. In case you notice that your child is not open about things, talk to him/her. There is no harm if you approach or break the ice.

How To Be A best Father

This is especially true when you have a teenage daughter/son. There are lot of things that they want to talk about but cannot because you are much older to them. Always befriend them, behave like one of their buddies to make them comfortable talking about anything under the sun.

Teach Them to be Disciplined

Many parents get confused about how to be strict as well as love your kids. Learn how to strike a balance between being a doting father as well as a disciplinarian. Set rules for your child. He/she should know the to-do and not-to-do lists. Teach them about manners, etiquettes and also the punishments they might have to face if they disobey. This may not be easy but just loving your children spoils and turns them into a brat. A father who knows how to control his child, keep them disciplined as well as love them is a perfect winning father.

Spend Some Family Time Together

The busy life, office work and the marathon to make money and give the best life to your kids will always be there. But what you lose out on is the fun time, father’s time or the much needed family time with your kids. Make sure you go for picnics, catch up for lunch or simply take a walk in the park to stay connected with your child. The best time is to watch your child grow from a toddler to a teenager. Have a lovely time fathering your child and become the best dad in the world!

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