How To Become A CIA Agent

How To Become A CIA Agent Becoming a special agent for the Central Intelligence Agency may sound like a glamorous career due to its portrayal in movies. However, the reality is much different, it takes hard work, dedication and several skills to work for the CIA.

Listed below is the approach you need to adhere to, to successfully be enlisted as a CIA agent.

The Character Of A Prospective Agent

To be a part of the CIA you should consider doing a background check on yourself. This entails the verification of your life till date, your involvement in any crimes, involvement in factions, cults and any political affiliations.

Due to the high amount of security clearance required a systematic back ground check is conducted by the CIA, your past behavior and decisions are analyzed as well. Therefore it is mandatory that a person applying to the CIA has no skeletons in their closet.

A few of the checks include gambling debts, bank debts, criminal record, drug and alcohol abuse, reliability, trust factor, honesty, integrity and many more.

Getting Selected

The CIA would only recruit the best student in their field. Therefore to become a CIA agent you must be very sound in your education. A specialized degree mainly technical is preferred by the CIA. They want an individual who has excellent records, innovative abilities, unique and vital skills and most importantly intelligence.

Excellent grades, a high grade point average and awards are mandatory for selection in the CIA. If you are a student of home economics, do not bother to apply, because the CIA will only select individuals from streams of Science, Law, Politics, Finance, Engineering, Journalism, and any other stream that require analytical and logical thinking.

Other Important Requirements


Having a hold over the English language is very advantageous, at the same time knowing widely spoken languages like French, Spanish, Mandarin and others will give an added advantage.

Since an CIA agent needs to travel and interact with different individuals, a basic speaking and understanding knowledge of various languages becomes important.

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The personality of a CIA agent is highly important, being very social and presentable is obligatory for most CIA agents. People skills are the most important asset of a special agent of the CIA.

This is to ensure that an agent can easily manipulate and talk his way out of a stringy situation. Learning physical behaviors, gestures, signals and ticks of people will allow you to quickly gather information or diffuse a situation.

Physical Conditioning

An important aspect of a CIA agent is his/her physical conditioning. Since agents are put through rigorous training they have to be physically sound.

Staying in good shape and following a healthy eating habit can strengthen your chances of being recruited as an agent. Apart from physical fitness, mental aptness is required to tackle intellectual situations.

In Conclusion

Furthermore there are various other aspects of character, personal life, affiliations, likes and dislikes, and behavior which are taken into consideration before enlisting a special agent in the CIA. Most importantly an applicant must be an US citizen to be eligible for selection.