How To Become A Cop

How To Become A Cop A thief has snatched a golden chain of a woman and running away but the sharp eyes of the cop nearby standing has seen this event and he is running behind the thief and a thief  sits  on a bike and drive speedy is chased by cop in his police van and at last  drama come to an end and thief was caught by the cop by putting a gun on his forehead.

Mob is very much impressed by the act of police and all are appreciating the quick step of cop. One can say that this event is happened in movies, but some times also this thing happened in real life also but one should keep in mind that the work of cop is more challenging than what is seen in movies. Thus, what we see in movies may not be real.

Tips On How To Become A Cop

Requirement For Becoming A Cop

If one has decided to become a cop then be prepared for challenges ahead. For cop every day is challenge. One has to be mentally as well as physically fit for this jobs.

Requirement For Becoming A Cop

This jobs in not a dream jobs but a real life job and full of risk involved and tough task and great chance to serve the society and nation. Cops are also known as guard of law and order and this jobs in 24 hours jobs. If you are serious and still thinking to becoming cop then go ahead and read.

How To Become A Cop

So the question arises that what to do become cop or a police man. Firstly job of policeman is divided between State Government and Central Government. Constable, Sub-inspector, and Dy. Superintendent of Police are appointed by State Government and IPS officers are appointed by Central Government.

State Government Examination

For appointment of constable, Sub-inspector, and Dy. Superintendent entrance examination is carried by State Government and  to eligible in examination, 12 standard passing certificate is required and for Sub-inspector and Dy. Superintendent graduation is compulsory and  one has to clear preliminary as well as main exam which includes test of English as well as local language, reasoning, general knowledge and physical fitness examination.

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U.P.S.C Examination

IPS exam which is carried by U.P.S.C every year and this exam is one of the toughest exam and very prestigious exam in India.

U.P.S.C Examination

If one has to clear the IPS exam, so start preparing for it right from school days and join classes for IPS exam entrant test which is comprising of preliminary exam and main exam and followed by Interview and some times also group discussion.

Now you have get a good information for belonging  a cop. This job is very challenging as now-a-days  as rate of crime is increased and also because of frequent terrorist attack against the nation. The jobs may not be good earning  job, but one can get great reputation in society and get a one life time chance to take risk and save the nation from crime. Now- a day women are also getting attracted from this and they are also joining this jobs.

At last if one has decided to become cop that start from today do not wait for tomorrow.