How To Become A CPA In Alabama

CPA is a world recognized accounting degree. CPA license enables an individual to offer accounting services to its clients. Further, CPA firms are also hired by corporate for auditing and compliance purposes. Demand for individuals having CPA license has increased drastically over the past few years because of increase in corporate scandals and scams.

Further, most of the Multinational Corporations have their shares listed on American Stock Exchanges. This has increased the need to comply with the rules and regulations established by Securities and Exchange Commission of The United States of America. With increase in outsourcing, individuals residing in other countries have also started pursuing this course. Passing this course requires lot of hard work and patience on the part of candidate.

How To Become A CPA In Alabama

Four Important Steps In Becoming A CPA In Alabama

Understand The Requirements

It is important for the candidate to understand the eligibility requirements for pursing this course. Some of the basic requirements (for pursuing this course) for the State of Alabama are that the candidate should be a U.S. Citizen and should be of atleast 19 years. However, it is not mandatory for the candidate to have a place of residence or office in the same state.

A candidate is also required to complete 150 semester hours or 225 quarter hours from a post secondary institution. In addition to this, a candidate should hold baccalaureate degree with focus on accounting. A candidate’s application for CPA examination is accepted only after the verification of his/her educational scripts by Alabama State Board of Public Accountancy.

Understand Exam And Fee Structure

Initial application fee is $ 100. This fee is non refundable. In addition to application fee, candidate is also required to submit examination fee for different sections of the course. CPA course has four parts. Examination fee for different parts is as follows:
a)    $ 215 for auditing and attestation,
b)    $ 215 for financial accounting and reporting,
c)    $ 185 for regulation and
d)    $ 185 for business concepts
In order to clear the exam, a candidate is required to score a minimum of 75 in each subject.

How To Become A CPA In Alabama

Start Preparations

In order to clear CPA exam, in-depth study and hard work is required on the part of candidate. He/She can purchase online study materials designed specifically for the CPA course. These study materials can help the candidate in understanding the CPA examination pattern.

Further, use of these materials may increase the possibility of clearing the exams. However, it is important to check the market reputation of the publisher before making an investment in such study materials. Also current version of these study materials should be purchased.

Check Examination Dates And Appear For Exams

Examinations are conducted for times in a year (January – February, April – May, July – August and October – November). Once candidate’s application has been approved by the authority, a notice to schedule (the exams) will be issued to the candidate and he/she can schedule and appear for exams in any of the above mentioned months. Exams are not conducted during the months of March, June, September and December. A candidate is required to contact Prometric to fix the examination dates.

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