How To Become A Dentist

How To Become A Dentist The job of the dentist is to treat the patients who have diseases in their gum, mouth and tooth. A dentist also works to prevent the occurrence of these diseases. For working as a dentist, a person has to undergo around 8 years of studies at the college and dental school.

The student is then awarded the degree of Doctor of Dental Medicine that is abbreviated as D.M. D or the degree if Doctor of Dental Surgery that is abbreviated as D.D.S. For getting the licenses for working in a state as a dentist, the student also has to undergo and pass the additional state tests.

How To Become A Dentist

Choose the Right Subjects

The person who wants to become a dentist should study the following in high school: physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics and health courses. He/she should also work for maintaining the high grades which will give him/her a better point average.

Take Advice of the Guidance Counselor

You can also take advice of the guidance counselor who can give you thorough information on the different pre-dental college programs. These programs sharply focus on the dental sciences. Almost all of the students who get enrolled in the pre-dental colleges are able to complete their courses and obtain the bachelor’s degree.

Get Catalogues and Applications and Apply before Application Date

You can get catalogues and application forms of different colleges which you can use to apply for admission. You can apply to them by filling their respective application forms. The deadline date is an important factor to consider and you must apply well before the deadline date so that no problems occur in the application process.

Get high Grades Especially in the Science Subjects

You can study in a very dedicated manner so that you get good grades in all your subject exams at college level. You must try to get better grades in the science subjects as they are crucial for understanding the dental course.

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Get the List of 4 year Dental Schools

The list of schools which have the 4 year dental course can be obtained from the American dental association. The commission on dental accreditation has given due accreditation to these particular schools. You should ensure that you meet all the admission requirements of the dental schools. You can also visit the ADA website for this purpose. The URL address of the website is

Understand the Course Structure

The first two years of the dental degree program consists of the laboratory and theory/classroom sessions. The student has to spend his last two years in the clinic and is supervised by the licensed dentists during these sessions.

Obtain the License

After passing from the dental school, the student needs to clear the state exams. These exams are both written as well as practical. Before the student reaches this stage of his/her career, he/she must know the licensing requirement of the state at which he/she has applied for the license.

Check for Specialty Licenses

Some states also give specialty licenses for working as a dentist. For getting these specialty licenses and then working as a dentist, the student has to undergo an additional two to five years of study.

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