How To Become A Fashion Journalist

If you are a person who has a keen eye for fashion trends and expressing it is a strong point for you, then becoming a Fashion Journalist is the right profession for you. Fashion Journalism involves all forms of publicity created for the fashion industry like features in Fashion Magazines, Newspapers, fashion related reports on television etc. It can either be the print media or the electronic media.

It is advisable for you to decide in which area you would like to specialize so that your education path can be carved towards the particular arena.

For a professional approach towards being a fashion journalist, obtaining a degree in Journalism and then specializing in Fashion or lifestyle would be the easiest option. The degree can be obtained either through a full time course study or through distance education. During your course of study you will be trained in your writing skills, presentation skills and critical thinking as well. In the first two years, the journalistic approach towards all sectors like politics, economics, lifestyle etc would be covered. Specialization can be chosen in the final year.

Become A Fashion Journalist

Some universities provide degree in Fashion Journalism directly like University for the Creative Arts (UCA), SMU (US) – Degree in Fashion Media etc. If you are a student of fashion you can pursue Fashion Journalism as well. In this case a course in creative writing or a post graduation in Journalism will help you establish your career as a Fashion Journalist.

How To Become A Fashion Journalist

Course Description

Bachelors in Journalism can be obtained in 3 years with a BA degree. Post graduation in Journalism can be completed in 1 or 2 years. Diploma in Journalism is also offered. Student of any stream or any professional can take up the course. You will be expected to write an entrance exam which will focus on current affairs.


Most of the media schools provide ample exposure towards the industry. Internships will help you understand the working of the media industry. The number of bylines (articles printed under your name) you attain will prove your strength for the line. The Internship can be undertaken in the print or the television sector as per your choice. Many candidates are likely to be placed in the places of internship depending on their performance.

How To Become A Fashion Journalist

The best part of media is that, as students you can start working for fashion magazines or online Fashion Websites and this will help to establish yourself as a fashion journalist during your course of study itself.


As a beginner one can expect around 2.2 lakhs p/a in the print industry and a little more in the electronic media. The chances of growth are very high and the position you can look to attain is that of Fashion Editor in a few years were your salary will touch around 12 lakhs p/a.

The ability to do smart work within deadlines, a critical view of things and the ability to do research about anything are the characteristics of a successful fashion Journalist and not to mention, keeping yourself updated.

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