How to Become a Game Designer

4 Steps on How to Become a Game Designer Who of you does not like to play games. What began with simple hand video games like brick game and progressed onto Nintendo to WI and PlayStations these days. The gaming industry has expanded and undergone revolution. Enter a gaming shop and see people from different age groups mingling with one another while enjoying the world of games.

There are two kinds of sub sectors that one may find his interest in, it could be game coding and programming or it could be designing and graphics. It is a lucrative career with a lot of scope for professional growth. Here are some quick steps on how to become a game designer.

Quick Steps On How To Become A Game Designer

Education, A Must For Game Designers

If you think the world of games does not require you to study then you are highly mistaken. A bachelor’s degree is the bare minimum required if you desire to make it big and work in a big gaming studio.

Education, A Must For Game Designers

Degrees and specialisations in the field of software engineering, computer and allied sciences, modelling and animation specialisation, drawing and, technical drawing and scripting etc. can help you boost your chances for a brighter career in game designing. Additional diplomas focussing on storyboard, 2D and 3D animation are can assistance. The advantages of education are unlimited.

Thumbs-Up To Sectoral Extracurriculars

To make you career more rounded it is very important to add related activities that you can jot on your resume. Some suggested activities include attending gaming conference, visiting launches of new games, downloading the latest games and playing them while studying them.

Make sure to be aware of the trends in gaming, the changes in gaming tastes along with the technological improvements and additional educational courses that could add value to your career. You could enrol yourself in a gaming design club in your university or school. You can also work with your senior on their practical training and projects and offer free assistance to them.

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The Inescapable Experience Call

The above mentioned steps are called for as they make the task of getting a good internship earlier. In industries so skilled like game designing, even interns would require to have some sort of gaming knowledge and skills to get an unpaid internship in a good company.

The Inescapable Experience Call

Most of the times fresh graduates would be taken in as management trainees where they would be involved in overlooking projects, game programming and other junior artists. These positions could culminate into game designing in the future.

Portfolio Builder

The real career changing moves while getting your hand dirty with an unpaid internship would be managing to design a game solo. Doing the real act at an early age cold get you the much needed impetus to your career as a game designer. Try getting yourself involved in complex project or assist a senior in a complex task. All these can be added to your curriculum vitae.

Following the above steps in a methodical manner will put at rest all your questions on how to become a game designer.