How To Become A Game Tester

How to Become a Game Tester To actually understand the concept of a game tester, one must be well versed with the gaming industry and its functions. Game testing is not merely a ticket to play free games and earn a living.

Game testing requires a lot of specialized skills and knowledge, which can only be gained by years of experience.

The Myth

There exists a myth that game testers get paid to play games all day, well! Let’s go ahead and pop that dream bubble for now, because game testers are paid to test games according to test scripts assigned to them. The job is not only monotonous but requires extreme levels of concentration and patience.

One more fact which may discourage potential entrants is that being a game tester is a minimal wage job in the gaming industry. The attrition rate is very high; however, those who survive and those who are willing to learn and improve make a great career out of it.

Game Testing As A Career

Game testing is the basic entry level job to make it big in the gaming industry. For those who crave to be a part of the gaming industry at an early age than game testing is a great way to start.

Game Testing As A Career

A game tester with good skills and experience can make it up to the level of senior designers and programmers. Potential applicants looking to enter the gaming industry can either sought for developers or game publishers. Other third parties also recruit game testers for private projects.

Game Testing

To become a game tester one needs to perform various technical computer work such as identification of bugs and outlining its source and problems. Once identified the bug is than reproduced and rectified to diminish the errors in the script.

To become a game tester one must be familiar with bug tracking applications like DevTrack, Mantis, Bugzilla and Flyspray. Sound gaming software knowledge is required to identify and fix the bugs.

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Becoming A Good Game Tester

Now that we know the prospects of being a game tester a potential entrant to this industry needs to be on his/her toes. Gaming companies like EA, Sony, Konami, Ubisoft and Activision prefer game testers who can reproduce script bugs in quick time.

The only way you can become a valuable game tester for these companies is to prove that it takes you lesser time than your colleague to solve a script error. Due to the fact that gaming industries make game testers highly redundant, it becomes very crucial for the testers to maintain their performance to get a chance in moving up for promotions.

The Application Process

There are various websites on the internet like Gamesrecruit, GamesIndustryGrunts and which take in game testers. However, it is necessary for a new tester to research the market by creating a gaming industry map of favorite companies to join.

A gaming industry map can also be found on the net. Ensure that you have good experience and software knowledge before applying to large companies. At the same time ensure that your performance and consistency persists throughout your time as a game tester.