5 Step To Become A Marine Engineer In USA

5 Step To Become A Marine Engineer In USA

A marine engineer is an individual who works in relation with the science of boats, was craft and ships and applies his previously learnt knowledge to design and construct those vessels which can sail over water. The planning and fabrication of the water-borne vessel is done and supervised by such an engineer.

A marine engineer may specialize in a certain field of engineering such as mechanism used for steering, equipments needed for navigation, constructions and designs required for floating, systems of propulsion and working of war crafts for commercial and recreational use. There are certain steps which an individual must follow if he wishes to become a marine engineer in the United States of America.

Tips On How To Become A Marine Engineer In Usa 


A marine engineer should possess a bachelor’s degree in marine engineering with a strong knowledge of subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry, technology and design. If you wish to work in the military of the U.S. Armed Forces then you should register for a course in the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy.

You should be over 21 years of age,a citizen of United States of America and be able to clear a basic medical test without any difficulty. A master’s degree in marine engineering will help you secure a better and highly paying job.


You should opt for a program which trains you in a manner that you are able to understand the present day engineering problems and issues also discuss what the solution for it can be. Your training period will also help you get more knowledge about this field and keep you informed about the current technologies.



Before you become a licensed marine engineer,try to gain some experience by working for a company which is into the construction and designing of ships and other water-borne vessels. You must spend some time in the sea and be actively involved in assist existing marine engineers in developing and designing new ships, war crafts or boats.


Try and work for a company for a long time so that you are able to undertake various types of tasks and create a portfolio of your own which highlights your areas of work. Working in a single company will help you to overcome your shortcomings and build up on your strong points.

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Getting A license

You must obtain a license to work as a merchant marine engineering officer and should have passed all related written and physical examinations. This license will place you at a higher level than your competitors and prove extremely beneficial in securing a post of marine engineer in any firm.


Special Skills

A marine engineer must be proficient in doing manual labour, be fit and strong and witty enough to solve problems quickly.


Technical,organizational and IT skills should come naturally to a marine engineer. The ability to remain calm and work as a team form a very important part of a marine engineer’s nature. Also, he should be patient, diplomatic and enjoy being at the sea for many weeks or month at a stretch.