How To Become A Published Author

How To Become A Published Author Writing a book and becoming a well known published author is a dream that millions have. It takes a lot of hard work, knowledge, skills and imagination power to become an author. Now- a- days new published authors have achieved fame and success as well as they are earning millions through their books.

Do you want to see yourself as a published author? If yes then, stick to this article and find the secrets to become an author.

Tips To Become A Published Author

Start From Scratch

The best way to become an author is to write down your ideas constantly. No matter how small or how unappealing the idea is, just write it down. Think over many aspects, like your interest areas, your capabilities and readers interest. You can also involve your friends or family in the same. After you have decided the topic get started.

Pen Down The Central Idea

Find out a topic which is appealing and interesting for the target readers. Once the topic is selected, write down in one paragraph or a page that what do you want to share through this book. What is the central idea of this book? Start thinking over the points you mentioned in the paragraph and start writing on the same. One paragraph will become one page; a page will extend to a chapter and a chapter to a book. This is how you will indulge in the first phase of becoming an author.

Edit, Edit And Edit

Once you are done with writing the book, start editing it. Editing is usually the most crucial part that makes or breaks an author. Chop out the unnecessary elements in your writings because this could prove to be a backlog for you when critics get in. Editing would help you to get to know many mistakes that we usually don’t bother to correct while writing. Edit your piece for at least five to six times or even more.

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Work Hard On Manuscript

Once you are done with your edits write a manuscript. It’s just like an in-depth summary which should have all the character sketch, story board and plot. It should be fairly a simple issue which is attractive and interesting to read. It is the manuscript which attracts publishers to publish your book. Working on the manuscripts may take time after all to become a successful author is not a week’s task.

Publishers Hunt

Finding a well-known publisher is definitely a herculean task. It all depends on the way you want to get it published; if you have ample funds then you can opt for the self-publicized books and become a self-published author. If you want your book to be selected on its manuscripts and not money, then applying for different well known publishers is the option.

Here the role of strong manuscripts comes in. Alluring manuscripts can straight away draw publisher’s attention and they can offer you a handsome amount. As long as you have the desire and urge in you, no matter what your age is you can become a well-paid and renowned published author.