How To Become A Teacher

Becoming a teacher is not a very difficult task. Many individuals prefer to join a coaching institute and work as a part time teacher to obtain experience in the field of teaching. Starting tuition classes at home can also provide relevant experience. A teacher is required to act as a mentor and provide guidance to his/her students.

How To Become A Teacher

A teacher should focus not only on completing the course curriculum, but should also focus on the overall personality development of his/her students. An individual should develop an appropriate teaching style and good communication and interpersonal skills to gain the attention of his/her students. A good teacher should not act partially or be biased and should provide equal learning opportunities to his/her students. Following are some of the most important steps in becoming a teacher.

 Tips To Become A Teacher

Acquire Relevant Qualifications

To become a successful teacher, an individual is required to develop interest towards the teaching profession. An individual can obtain any (one or more) of the  qualifications like Nursery Teacher Training (NTT), Elementary Teacher Training (ETT), Junior Basic Training (JBT), Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.), Masters of Education (M.Ed.), etc. from any recognized university.

Most of these courses involve practical training in the field of teaching. An individual can learn various aspects of teaching through these trainings. Interaction with students during these training sessions can enhance the confidence level of the individual. Clearing NET (National Eligibility Test) after obtaining a masters degree in the relevant field can provide the individual with an opportunity to work as a lecturer in a reputed college.

Develop And Update Knowledge Base

Handling queries from students is another critical aspect of the teaching profession. An individual is required to have a thorough understanding of the subject in which he/she wants to make his/her career as a teacher.

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A teacher is required to update his/her knowledge constantly in accordance with the latest course curriculum. For example, an individual interested in teaching taxation is required to update his/her knowledge on changes in tax rates, rules and policies on a yearly basis.

Develop Personality And Learn Teaching Methods

A teacher is viewed as a leader by his/her students. A good teacher is required to demonstrate leadership skills while handling the students. Therefore, it becomes important to develop excellent communication skills. While the primary focus of any teacher is on improving the grades of his/her students, a teacher should also be able to motivate the students and encourage active participation from them during classroom lessons.

An individual aspiring to become a teacher should learn and adopt different methods of teaching such as Playway method, Project method and Activity method. With the use of these methods, a teacher can gain attention of his/her students and make study sessions more interactive and interesting. These teaching methods can help the students in learning different and complex topics very easily.

Act As A Career Counsellor

Teaching is one of the most respected professions throughout the world. It is the responsibility of a teacher to provide the right guidance to the students. A teacher can also act as a career counsellor and advice students on various career options in accordance with their interests.