How To Become An Animator

tips to become An Animator Are you creative enough? Are you very imaginative and artistic? And are you tired of following the same old tradition of becoming an engineer or a doctor? Don’t worry! Forget everything, and just try to take animation as you career, and thus become an animator.

An animator is an artist who has the ability to create multiple images displayed in a rapid sequence which give an illusion of movement called animation. This artist can do freelancing jobs online or can also work for a production company and earn your living.

This article provides you with a guide to know how to become an animator.

How To Become An Animator

Self Motivation

It is a fact that unless and until you are motivated to become something, you can’t. This is the case when it comes to taking up your career as an animator. Self motivation turns out to be the first and foremost step when you are deciding for your career.

It is just that you have to decide one thing, and then follow what you feel about a particular thing and then, just do it. Thus, to take up animation as your career, first you will have to read as much you can, and gather lots of information about animation, and then decide, whether you actually want to do it or not?


Next important thing is education. Although animation is a single subject, but again it has many different fields and techniques. You need to know that today an animator can work on websites, online advertisements, video games, commercials and even films. And not only this, it can be done through either 2D-animation; 3D-animation or even it can be a computer generated art.

How To Become An Animator

Thus, first of all, you will have to know which your area of interest is, and then focus on it. And finally, you will have to search for a place or an institute which can teach your subject and along with it; you will learn how to work in a team with proper time-management, for team work is also an essential thing to learn, as animators have different positions too, such as layout artists, storyboard artists, background artists and computer animators.

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But only getting through an institute is not the ultimate thing. You will have to realize what your actual skills are. And this can be possible, only if you have a natural artistic talent within yourself. Although formal education can only hone your skills, but remember, better your talent, you can be a bright animator.

Moreover, you will have to try to gain as much experience as you can, and will need to learn something about computer animation as well as graphic design too.


Creativity is such an important aspect for an animator, that no one can decide whether you are a creative person or not. It is just that you will have to check it yourself.

First of all, you will have to be very imaginative, and see if you can imagine a 2D-sketch and then transform it into a 3D-animation. Again, you will have to gather lots of ideas, and the more you spend time searching and doing some projects, the more ideas you will get, and thus, more creative you will be.