How To Become An Artist

Acting is indeed one of the most interesting art forms. Thousands of young guys and gals dream of a career as movie artists. Many of them nurture that dream and almost turn it into an obsession. They fantasize about being chased by a herd of people when they step out of their limousines, about rubbing shoulders with the biggest national and international celebrities at the red carpet and setting the film industry on fire.

There are numerous people who leave their homes and loved ones behind and set sail to try their luck in the glittering world of Bollywood. Teenagers and young adults with their portfolio in their hands and dreams in their eyes keep roving from one office to another in the hope of being spotted by any big name in the industry.

How To Become An Artist

But as they say, not everyone is born with a silver spoon in the mouth. There are innumerable unlucky fellows who fail to turn the wheels of destiny in their favour. They either return home empty handed with a broken heart or accept their destiny as a junior artist or in any other profession.

So, what is it that an aspiring actor needs to do to make it big in the tinsel town? Although, there is nobody who can guarantee one a success in this field but a well organised attempt is more likely to yield results. So here are a few ways which can help one live his dreams.

Tips On How To Become An Artist


The glamorous Bollywood is a very enticing place. The name, fame and loads of money that this acting job assures undoubtedly acts as an irresistible bait. It pulls innocent youngsters towards itself like a magnet attracting iron. So the first and the most important thing that one needs to be very sure about is whether he or she is actually made for this business.

People end up wasting precious years of their lives chasing a dream which they realise was never theirs. Before embarking on the mission to be an actor, do not forget to try and recognise your true feelings.

Lay A Firm Foundation

Acting is a talent which cannot remain veiled for long. If you are a good actor, you will realize your potential as well as passion for acting sooner or later. As soon as you recognize your inclination towards this field, enrol yourself for an acting course or a class. There is no dearth of great actors in the market, what you need to do is carve a place for yourself. For this, you have to be the best. So brush up your skills.

Participate Actively In Dramatics

Right from the school level, try and participate as much as you can in dramatics. Take active part in stage plays, mono-acting events, street plays and many more. Even at your college level, do become a part of any dramatics club or society. This will give you a great exposure to the intricacies of acting and performance. This will boost your confidence to perform in public and bring you face to face with your flaws. But don’t ever keep your academics at the back burner. You don’t want to flunk in the examinations. Do you?

Acting school

There are numerous prestigious acting schools in the country. National School of Drama, Indian Institute of Film and Television and many other private acting schools have been functioning since years to make the way easier for the aspiring actors.

How To Become An Artist

They teach you minute details of acting and prepare you to face the hard hitting realities of the world of cinema with a cut-throat competition. Many super stars of today are an NSD or an IIFT pass-out, who have taken the industry by a storm with their acting abilities. So, prepare yourself and grab a seat in one of those acting schools.

Professional Theatre

Once you decide your career, don’t leave any stone unturned. Join any professional theatre group and perform stage and street plays. Apart from letting you have a knack for your acting capabilities, it will teach you direct audience interaction, ability to perform live on-stage and bring you a little closer to the job that you wish to earn a living from. Moreover, many impressive actors are picked by directors and producers for their movies through theatre only.


Get a nice portfolio made from a good photographer. Develop a nice collection of your pictures in various emotions, expressions and styles. Put your best foot forward while getting a portfolio made. Get in shape, arrange for stylish outfits and look your best. This is what would represent you.

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Get In Touch With Agents

It is very important for one to have contacts in order to make it to the top in Bollywood. Although there is a battalion of agents claiming to be producing superstars, but not all are genuine. It is imperative on struggling actors to pick their agents or sources who are reliable or recommended.

How To Become An Artist

Never get trapped in the false claims of fake agents who thrive on such naïve aspiring actors. Reliable agents can really help you bag a good role or at least help you make contacts.

Don’t’ Refrain From Small Opportunities

Given the immense competition, it is next to impossible for some aspiring actor to land up in a good movie in the first attempt. So do not let go of small but respectable opportunities in the start of your career. The film industry is flooded with actors who began with small roles and are now ruling the cinema world. Small appearances will surely help you shape up your career and make you come into the eyes of big producers always looking for fresh and new talent.

Never Give Up

There is a major possibility that you will face many rejections and failures in this profession. But if you have chosen your destiny, then let the destiny choose you as well. Never give up trying. Keep appearing in auditions and keep failing. Keep attempting again and again, until you taste success.

And once you taste that hard earned success, all the hard work will be a bygone. The way to becoming a movie artist is not easy at all. But it requires one to move towards the ultimate goal undeterred despite pit falls and failures.