How To Become An Astronaut

How To Become An Astronaut Taking up a profession or making your career in a particular field is one of the most struggling works to handle. However, it is more difficult to actually decide what kind of a job or career you are looking for. As soon as students complete their high school and enter the phase of university degrees, they need to make the right decision for themselves.

This will help them choose the course and degrees accordingly. There are definitely career orientation programs and counseling sessions with professionals available for their benefit but the final decision will solely rest on their shoulders. With increase in modernization and advancement in technology there are new career options that you will get in hand which weren’t prevalent in the past. One of the many such jobs is that of being an astronaut.

Once you decide that an astronaut is what you see yourself as a few years down the line, then you need to broaden your horizons on how to become one. This career guide here will help you with the necessary tips and information about being an astronaut. Check them out and choose the degrees and training courses accordingly.

Guide To Being An Astronaut

A Resident Of A Country That Gives A Chance To Become An Astronaut

There are many countries in the world that do not send spaceships or humans to space. If you are a resident of such a country the chance of becoming an astronaut itself goes to nil. The first important requisite of being an astronaut is to become a resident of a country who does have options for space research and has the necessary requisites to do so. They should have a proper space agency like the USA has NASA.

Excellence In School

It is very important to be highly intelligent to become an astronaut. Excellent grades in school are very much important if you are looking towards being a successful astronaut. This means you have to start preparing yourself from quite an early age where this profession is concerned. Two of the most important subjects that you need to excel in are maths and science. English and history are two other fields you need to be strong in.

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Choose A Good University

A famous and good college will ensure a bachelors degree in math’s, history, English or science. This is a necessary requirement to become an astronaut. The grades are very important and you really need to excel if you want to further take admissions to train for pilot which is required to become successful. You can take training in the military for the purpose that will help you in further goals.

Work Experience

Professional work experience in any one of these- 1000 hours of pilot in command in the military or 2-3 PhD degrees, navigation, commanding a ship, computer technology and degree in chemistry or biology is an additional benefit as well as requisite for becoming an astronaut.

Application Of The Job

Now you need to apply to space agencies in your country where once they select you then proper training in spaceships and all that is required to become an astronaut will be given to you for a couple of months after which you can start working.