How to Become an Event Planner

How to Become an Event Planner Event planning is the fastest spreading industry around the globe and is evolving by the day. It is already a multi billion dollar industry, attracting more skilled personnel and business houses into its fold. If you are a new graduate with no specific career goal, or a professional who is no longer attracted by the desk-job but want to be always moving and in the midst of people, career in event planning is just for you.

But, how can anybody become an event planner? Not many seem to know the answer. An aspiring event planner should know how to go about achieving his dream, before taking the step. I am about to provide you the tips for becoming one.

Tips To Become an Event Planner

Get an Insight into What is Event Planning and Duties Involved

Your foremost priority is to know what actually the job involves. Have you wondered while attending parties or functions as to how the sequences of events are decided and executed? Weddings, corporate events and conferences, musical shows, big parties, political events, big get together and many more such events need planning, budgeting and execution to achieve great results and to make them organized events. That is where an event planner comes into play.

The planner consults with the individuals or the institutions as to their specific requirements, their budgets, place of execution, arrangements to be made and even catering. It is mostly the end to end handling of the event, where one has to be a good administrator, organizer, human resources and a public relations specialist. The job is all the more difficult when you do not receive any specific directions from the institution, where you are left to run the show all by yourself. Hence, knowing what is event management is the first step, as knowledge is power.

Choose the Field of Event Planning

Event planning is too wide a term that, once you decide to be a planner, it is better to foresee the kind of event you wish to fit into. For example, if you are vague about the field, you may choose to organize a wedding event this month and choose a corporate conference the next month and the list goes on. You require different capabilities and efforts to organize each of them. You find yourself a novice at the beginning of each event as the demands are different. But if you think you have great administration skills and organizing capacity, you can choose a broad field.

Alternatively choosing a specific industry to specialize in, like hotel, music industry or to be a wedding planner will help you concentrate your efforts on polishing your efforts each time you conclude one. You get to specialize in an industry, as you learn and perfect the nuances of organizing an event.. But it is better to take care not to limit the business prospects by sticking to one industry. That once again depends on your capacity to experiment, the hard work you are prepared to put in and your willingness to learn.

Have You the Aptitude and Right Attitude For This Job?

It is better to ask yourself a few questions before venturing into this line of job or business. It is not a 10 AM to 5 PM job where you are free to pursue other activities. An event planner job is very demanding as to time and patience. It requires a lot of imagination, hard work, social networking capabilities, a bit of public relations, administration and a lot of people management. Literally there is no limit as to the demands of the job. Do a realistic assessment of yourself as to how you can fit into the demands of the field. This is sure to help a lot to anticipate what is expected of you and what you are actually capable of performing.

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Get Qualified For the Job

This job involves talents of various kinds and very few schools or colleges offer specific courses in event planning. In effect, a certified course may not be essential, though a basic degree would suffice. However short term courses in administration, hotel industry, catering, public relations and human relations can come for use as your job will need all of the above capabilities, depending on the industry you choose to plan the event for.

Gain Some Hands-on Experience

An entry-level job in an event management company or a hotel industry, with a training in management, marketing and account maintenance would be a great beginning. This exposure is likely to prepare you as to what takes place behind the curtain in every event management. Practical experience provides a great exposure than even an organized university course. You can get to learn even as to what can go wrong and how to face such eventualities.

Choose Between a Job or a Business

Where is it that you want to go further in this field? A full time job with an event management company would get you regular income without the headaches attached to running your own business. However, considering the compensation offered in the industry for a job, people generally choose to do it on their own.

If it is a business you are looking at, then choosing your helpers, place, infrastructure, technology support and investment require meticulous planning and execution. People often consider taking up job for a while to get the certification and use the certification wisely to build their business gradually. That appears to be a practical option.

Learn up to Date Technology

A power point presentation of your project report is likely to reach and impress your clients than a paper presentation. Buying and updating technological aids is a prerequisite even to a new entrant.

Draw an Impressive Project Report

Remember that a project report practically speaks for you. A well drawn project report will go a long way in securing the business. Learn to prepare a well laid out report, securing the services of a specialist initially. Look at how the others are doing it better. Attending seminars on project report preparations will help you handle it better. A well written project report is likely to launch a successful career or business for you.

Once you have done all or most of these, you are ready to become an event planner. The industry and the market are open to stiff competition. Continuous innovation and ingenuity alone can keep you afloat and help derive success in the modern and new field of event management.