How To Boost Libido In Men

How To Boost Libido In Men Men are naturally more libidinous than women are. Surprisingly, there are still a large number of men who suffer from a reduced libido or low sex drive which can be quite frustrating for their sexually active partners.

The male hormone testosterone is responsible for the sexual urge and drive in men. At times, due to underlying medical conditions and stress the sex drive goes flying out of the window. However, there are some simple ways and tips to increase the male sexual drive.

How To Boost Libido In Men


Men must get at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. It is said to improve blood circulation to the penile region, which gives better erections. Exercise also releases endorphins, which are the feel good hormones.

Men who exercise regularly show elevated levels of the hormone testosterone, which means a higher sex drive. Men who suffer from impotence have a better chance of recovering with daily exercise.

Foods for Libido

There are some foods, which act as aphrodisiacs and are great for inducing powerful sexual urges. Junk food and high calorie food tends to reduce or suppress the libido in men.

Testosterone is fuelled by important nutrients like zinc, B vitamins and minerals so having foods that are rich in these minerals can help. Eat a lot of food like fish, fruits, eggs, vegetables and nuts for an increase in the libido.


A regular body massage 2-3 times a week can arouse a man and excite him enough to indulge in sex. The best bet would be if the man’s partner were to give him a relaxing massage. It also reduces stress, which can severely affect a man’s libido.

Adventure Sports

Men who like to indulge in thrilling adventure sports have a higher level of the hormone testosterone. Adventure sports excite them, make them feel powerful, manly and can produce a surge in their libido levels.


Meditation is an effective technique to reduce stress. Meditation like deep breathing and yoga helps to reduce stress and increase positive flow of internal energy, which helps to calm and relax the mind. A relaxed mind is more likely to get aroused in response to sexual stimuli.


Most men suffer from a dip in their libido due to boring and inadequate foreplay. Therefore, it is up to their partners to include a variety of exciting and arousing foreplay, which makes the man, feel good.


Wine has soothing properties that can give you a feeling of high and at the same time calm a highly-strung mind. Wine can actually help you to get into the mood. Therefore, wine and men are a good combination.


Chocolate enhances your mood and produces the same feelings that we experience when we are deeply in love with someone. It is also a potent weapon to use during foreplay. Couples who eat a lot of chocolate together report higher sex drives.


For men who have a severe arousal problem and impotence, Viagra can be a good option to give powerful and long lasting erections.