How To Build More Effective Team

 How To Build More Effective Team Why some businesses flourishes and some nosedive? Why some teams mark their presence as a cut above the rest and some find it difficult to survive?

Business cannot run with an individual effort, it needs an effective team, a team which is clear about its role and skills, a team which has supportive environment and superordinate goals and a team motivated with performance rewards.

Life Cycle Of a Team

We usually talk about synergy in a team work, whereby the combined effort of entity is larger than their individual efforts, consequently it is like making one plus one three while working as a team rather than two if working independently. For that one should understand the life cycle of a team, which has the five prominent stages.

First is Forming, at this phase strangers get introduced to one another. Second is Storming, in which strategies, control and status are discussed, argued and competed. Third is Norming, arguments get settled and the team believes to move in a uniform manner to achieve the assigned goal.

Fourth is Performing, with cooperation, coordination and under desired leadership and control, team accomplishes its mission and the final is adjourning, which is considered as the last step in this process.

Reasons for Team Building

Do you know the significance and the reasons behind problems solving, decision making, adaptability, and trust and planning exercises? These are the measures to augment the communication level, boost employee morale, motivate the band, make the workplace interesting enough, polish the members by realizing them their strengths and weakness, helps to know the tactics of self-regulation, bringing out the leader from them and enhance productivity of the team, subsequently building a target achieving gang.

Six C’s For Effective Team

We just have to follow six C’s for a valuable team, which are: Clear expectation-what is expected from them, what they are supposed to attain. Context-they should know how their goal is related to the overall mission of the organization. Commitment-team members should be energized, excited and dedicated towards their vocation. It’s like believing in what you are doing.

Competence – team should have support, guidance, strategies and resources to meet the challenges. Charter – team should be evidently explained about its boundaries and limitation and must be supervised for it to realize its charter. Communiqué – horizontal and vertical communications both hold equal importance in this aspect, by way of giving feedback in terms of observation, difficulties, suggestion and receiving honest and sincere opinion on performance and improvement areas.

Efficient Leader for an Effective Team

To build an effective team a manager is required who can make the ends meet, since team is a group of persons from different culture, distinctive ideology, diverse beliefs, unlike opinions and disparate faith, with expertise, knowledge and skills may be of contrasting sphere, it is the trailblazer who can manage to bring this most difficult resource of the economy to work together for the mutual aim.

There had never been any person who in its individual capacity can raise a corporation to the zenith, he can be a leader but still need a force to supervise, to guide, to get the allocated task done collectively, thereby letting the dream come true. It is a fact that there is no leader without a team and there is no team without a leader.