How To Buy The Best Treadmill That Suits You

How To Buy The Best Treadmill If you are thinking of keeping fit and want some instrument at home for the workouts, then the first choice obviously will be the treadmill. In fact sales of treadmills have surpassed the sales of all other home fitness equipment.

Why is the treadmill so popular? Well, it is that device that can recreate all types of conditions that walking and running routines demand. But it leaves out the natural hazards like rain and snow and elements like bad roads, barking dogs and oncoming vehicles.

However, there are so many varieties available in the market that a person who is not very conversant with these machines can easily get confused.

Remember that it is a costly machine and has some complex working mechanisms. You should take the decision of buying a particular model after going through the pros and cons to find out the best that you can afford.

So what are the points that you should keep in mind before buying a treadmill for your home?

How To Buy The Best Treadmill That Suits You

The Build

When buying a treadmill first decide who will be using the treadmill. Consider the heaviest person who will running on it. The power of the motor will depend on this.

Coming to the motor, it is recommended that you check out the continuous duty rating of the motor. The higher the rating the more long-lasting and reliable will be the treadmill. Normally, a good treadmill should last for a decade.

Now consider the deck on which you will be running or walking. This is the part that gets all the pounding. So its life will decide the longevity of the treadmill.

 Buy The Best Treadmill

The treadmill should be long enough to hold your longest stride as well as be flexible, strong and stable to hold your weight. The ideal size is a width of 18 inches though 20 inch wide decks are getting popular. Regular length is 50 inches, but those with very long strides can go for the 55 or 60 inches ones.

The slope and incline controls should be easy to operate. Since the maximum speed varies from model to model, make sure that you get the one that suits your speed. If you want to follow a rigorous routine then go for the ones that can handle speed up to 10mph.

Extra Features

Since these are machines for keeping you fit, the manufacturers add on various features and provisions to keep you motivated during the routine.

So you have features like heart rate monitors, preset workout routines, cooling fans, MP3 players with built-in speakers, reading racks and many more. Your job is to list all the features that you think you are going to use. It is advised not to pay for features that you will never use.


Storage of the treadmill is a very important matter to keep in mind unless you have a whole room dedicated to workout, or your personal gym.

Since you will be using the treadmill in a limited space it is advised that you should go for a space saving one that can fold up easily and stand in the corner of the room.

At last the time comes to decide on the pricing and warranty that you get and any discount that you can manage.