How To Clean Arteries With Alternative Remedies

arteries problem in men Arteries play vital role in carrying blood throughout your body. When arteries get clogged blood flow is obstructed which leads to heart attack or/and stroke. To prevent heart attack and to prevent stroke you need to clear your arteries.

Given below are some guidelines which will help to clear your arteries but you should first know what causes arteries clogging so that it can help you in clearing your arteries.

Causes of Arteries Blockage

When bad cholesterol in your blood stream increases fatty deposits start getting accumulated on the walls of your arteries. Gradually this deposit goes on increasing which thickens and which is medically called as plaque.

It calcifies and becomes hard so it remains stuck to the walls of your arteries and narrows your arteries, which eventually obstructs the blood flow. This condition is medically known as atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis or hardening of arteries is caused due to various reasons such as smoking, consumption of alcohol in excess quantity, eating oily and unhealthy foods, lack of exercise, stress etc.

When the plaque deposits blocks the blood flow completely your heart does not receive oxygen rich blood which ultimately leads to heart attack. In case your brain does not receive blood due to the blockage it leads to stroke.

Therefore to prevent stroke or to prevent heart attack you need to clear your arteries. You can do it in the following ways.


Water plays vital role in clearing your arteries. It has been medically proved that water flushes out toxins from your body. Water also lowers bad cholesterol so it prevents further plaque formation.

Water also keeps your blood flow smooth by making your arteries flexible and it increases good cholesterol which helps in clearing plaque deposits to great extent. Hence drink plenty of water to clear your arteries naturally.

Physical Activities

Physical activities will also help you a lot in clearing your arteries. Since plaque is formed due to lack of physical activities, when you keep yourself involved in physical activities, your arteries will get cleared gradually. But do not expect your arteries to get cleared overnight; it will act gradually.

Foods to Clear Arteries

There are some foods which play vital role in clearing your arteries and garlic is one of them. In fact garlic is most important food that helps to clear your arteries. The antioxidants such as sulphur, allicin, selenium, Vitamin C, B Vitamins etc present in garlic play vital role in thinning your blood.

They also lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. The components present in garlic are very effective in cleaning your arteries and dissolving the arterial plaque. If you want to dissolve the plaque formed on the walls of your arteries chew some cloves of raw garlic daily on empty stomach.

Fish/Fish Oil

Fish and/or fish oil are also very effective in clearing your arteries because they contain high quantity of omega 3 fatty acids. Apart from omega 3 fatty acids, fish contains other vital nutrients such as B Vitamins, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous etc.

All these nutrients play vital role in building your immune system and keep your heart healthy. These nutrients also lower blood pressure and prevent plaque formation. They increase good cholesterol in your system which eventually attacks the plaque formed on the walls of your arteries.

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As mentioned above, garlic is an excellent spice to clear arteries but when garlic and fish oil are used in conjunction, your get multiple benefits and it becomes an excellent remedy to clear your arteries.

Lemon & Garlic

Lemon alone is highly effective in clearing your arteries because it is one of the riches sources of Vitamin C. Lemon thins blood, lowers bad cholesterol, increases good cholesterol, promotes metabolism and causes weight loss.  Lemon also contains B Vitamins in small quantities such as niacin and thiamin.

These antioxidants are very powerful and help a lot to clear your arteries. Lemon and garlic consumed together help a lot in unclogging the arteries.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is very good source of Vitamin E which when combined with CoQ10, reduces the inflammation of the walls of your arteries. In case of inflammation of your arteries with plaque deposits you are at high risk of heart attack or stroke because inflammation obstructs the blood flow to your heart. You need to eat foods rich in Vitamin E such as olive oil.


Grapes too are very effective in clearing arteries because they contain powerful flavonoids such as quercitin, resveratrol etc. These flavonoids prevent the oxidation of bad cholesterol which ultimately prevents fatty deposits on the walls of the arteries and in case there are some deposits these flavonoids try to clear them. Grape juice also prevents blood clots which eventually prevents heart attacks.


Apples too are excellent in preventing plaque formation and in clearing it. It is because of the powerful antioxidants such as quercitin (which is present in the skin), pectin (which is a soluble fiber), potassium, Vitamin C, magnesium etc.

These antioxidants lower bad cholesterol and also cause weight loss. These antioxidants help to clear your arteries if consumed regularly. You should eat apple along with its skin to obtain its maximum benefits.


Onions also belong to garlic family and help to clear your arteries. Onions thin blood and prevent plaque formation. In case there of plaque deposits on the walls of your arteries onions help to dissolve the plaque and clear your arteries because along with other vital nutrients and powerful antioxidants, onions also contain quercitin.

But in order to dissolve your plaque deposits you need to stop eating unhealthy foods, you need to quit smoking and you need to consume raw onions daily.

Other Foods

You should eat green vegetables such as spinach regularly because it is rich in B Vitamins, potassium etc which control high blood pressure and clear arteries.  You should also consume berries, pomegranate, tomatoes, watermelon, whole grains etc to clear your arteries.


Meditation too plays vital role in clearing your arteries. If you can inhale and exhale air in the right manner, it can cause constriction and expansion of your blood vessels and arteries which helps a lot to clear your arteries.