How To Combat Fatigue Naturally

how to combat fatigue naturally The problem of fatigue is one that is extremely common. People from different age groups all over the world suffer from this condition. The symptoms of fatigue are very easy to identify and include extreme drowsiness and a persistent feeling of tiredness. People who are suffering from fatigue do not experience relief from these symptoms, even after they get sufficient sleep.

Fatigue poses a major problem, particularly when people have to deal with regular jobs that have long working hours. Children facing such a problem, find it difficult to focus on their studies and other activities. There can be many reasons why a person could suffer from fatigue. The common reasons for fatigue are vitamin deficiencies, not having a proper diet and lack of sufficient exercise.

Most cases of fatigue are not a cause of concern and can easily be rectified by making the necessary changes to one’s diet and lifestyle. There are many vitamin supplements that can be added to your diet so as to make up for the deficiencies that are causing the problem. The patient’s diet can also be modified so as to include foods that provide you with sufficient energy, to keep you becoming getting tired and sleepy.

Besides these changes, you can also do light exercises that would keep you fit and healthy. Morning walks or jogs are highly recommended in such cases. Apart from all these modifications in one’s way of living, there are also many herbal remedies that can be taken as supplements, to help keep you energetic and active.

Gotu Kola

This powerful medicinal herb has been used to treat many cases of fatigue. Chronic fatigue has also been successfully treated with the help of gotu kola. The benefit of this herb is that it helps to strengthen the nervous system of the human body and provides the stamina needed by the person.

It also boosts the functioning of the brain, making the person alert and active, all through the day. These supplements are to be taken regularly, on a daily basis. As time passes, you are sure to notice a significant improvement in your case of fatigue.


A simple cup of coffee can work wonders when it comes to battling recurrent bouts of fatigue. A cup of coffee has been used to counter sleep, by many people. Caffeine, which is the key ingredient in coffee, is a mild stimulating agent and helps to keep the person’s mind alert. However, one must make sure to consume coffee in very moderate amounts as too much coffee can result in a situation that is the opposite of fatigue. Those who drink lots of coffee on a regular basis are known to have sleepless nights and are also prone to experiencing bouts of anxiety and restlessness.

Korean Ginseng

Korean ginseng is a very effective herb that was originally used in numerous Chinese herbal medicines. Many experts in the field of natural medicine have vouched for the effectiveness of this herb, in the treatment of fatigue. Korean ginseng is known to be a natural stimulant because of which it has been recommended in the treatment of fatigue.

When taken on a regular basis, it helps the patient become lively and alert. It helps them to focus much better on all that they have to do. Not only does it help cure fatigue, but it also helps to keep fatigue away, even in the future. It strengthens the nervous system of the person concerned and keeps them from feeling drowsy all through the day. It also keeps the person’s immunity system strong.

Green Tea

Green tea is loaded with antioxidants that help to keep the human body healthy and strong. This tea can be consumed as often as required by the person, as it is devoid of any harmful side-effects. Green tea helps to boost the all-round health of the human body and has been successfully used in the treatment of fatigue.

green tea for fatigue

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In the condition of fatigue, green tea helps to strengthen the nerves that are present in the body. By doing so, the body becomes more active and alert. The symptoms of drowsiness and tiredness are dealt with effectively and the person finds a significant increase in their stamina, as they continue to use green tea to treat fatigue. Unlike coffee, green tea does not have an adverse reaction on the body if taken in excess.


This plant has been used in the treatment of many cases of fatigue. It has a far greater amount of caffeine than coffee, which is why it is more effective than coffee too. This caffeine from guarana is what helps to combat the symptoms of fatigue. It causes the brain to become alert, thus keeping drowsiness and tiredness at bay.

Like in the case of coffee, guarana must not be taken in large amounts as this could have an adverse reaction on your health. Restlessness, lack of sleep and anxiety attacks are symptoms associated with guarana overdose.

Vitamin B-complex

B vitamins are very important in the treatment of fatigue. All these essential B vitamins are needed by the human body for its normal functioning. B-complex vitamins help to provide the stamina that the body needs for its day to day tasks. One must make sure to include all the B vitamins in one’s diet as these vitamins work only when they are taken together.

B vitamins can be obtained through natural food sources and can also be consumed in the form of supplements. Either way, one must ensure that one is not deficient in these vitamins.

Vitamin A

This vitamin is exceptionally beneficial in treating cases of fatigue that are associated with anaemia. The reason for this being that vitamin A is of utmost importance to ensure the formation of red blood cells in the body.

It is a well-known fact that anaemia causes severe fatigue and one of the best ways to combat anaemia-related fatigue is by increasing one’s consumption of iron, along with vitamin A. Both these nutrients work in conjunction and help to improve the person’s overall health and stamina.

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