How To Come Up With Conversation Topics For a First Date

Conversation Topics For a First Date Nothing has changed much since the first time when somebody went on a date and came back rushing home that why did he care less about making a list of things what to talk about and not!

How to come up with conversation topics for a first date?

It is a common issue but answers are not easy to find out. Why do we all end up acting like a nincompoop?

There is a strong desire to hold onto this moment forever. Our efforts are solely pointed towards the objective of making the right impression throughout the conversation.

Our feelings tend to swing back and forth, in the shape of a pendulum, only to make it further difficult for us. The excitement factor is pushing us to the farthest corners of the world to come up with interesting ideas. We all want to make it a memorable experience in one or the other way.

The probability of finding the right topic is one in a million. Then suddenly you would find an ‘awkward silence’ buzzing around in your ears. The feeling of nervousness does not help you either. All these factors combined are surely going to make it a tall order to climb.

There are answers, few more questions to be asked, then answers again and finally it is the end of story. This is the real-time situation when two persons are out on a first date.

You can expect it to be bit clumsy but never leave it in the half-way because it was not ‘perfect’. The only thing that is perfect is just your idea of being ‘perfect’ and everything else has scope for improvement in life.

You should only be worried to make the conversation lively and energetic. That’s all! Everything else can be fixed later and put together into shape. It is similar to the example of a puzzle when you see it for the first time. You have no clue what this is about and slowly things start looking like a part of the solution. It is just that every solution has a different methodology to fix the puzzle.

There are several ideas and subjects to talk about on a first date.

1. Never be More Than Yourself

This step would do the trick for you. It is good to be more than yourself while going out on a first date. However you are also expected not to act more than what you are at the same time.

There is nothing to separate or pick between both the points made above unless you take the example of two small rooms. Both the rooms have different doors and meant for different purposes.

The second or the other room is rarely used because you have all the important stuff kept in the first one. You cannot take your date to the second room first without telling that you have everything important kept in the first room. This would help you to strike a chord instantly.

2. Talk More About Her

This is the best possible technique. You have plenty of options to talk about like music, movies, books, hobbies and pets etc. Any one of these topics is good enough to know something more about one another. This would also provide you a chance to think about other things while she is talking.

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However it does not give you any right that you stop listening to her and start thinking about the next point first. You have good chances of making a significant contribution by coming up with your version of the story.

3. Sharing Common Interests Like Music and Reading Should be Put High on the Priority Test

You should not wait for the right moment to discuss about topics like music and reading etc. We all have our own favorite music bands and books etc. to talk about. It can easily open-up the barrier between two people when they are out on a date.

When people start discussing about music and reading, there seems to be no finishing line. There is an unparalleled sense of ‘delight’ surrounding the entire atmosphere. Music heals and brings two like-minded people closer than what seems possible to a naked eye.

4. Spend Some Time Listening to The Silence:

It is definitely not the ‘awkward silence’. As both of you have started sharing things together, it becomes important to put a break. This allows you to gather an opinion about the other person.

The first few anxious moments have passed and now you have a realistic chance of making this conversation to settle down or sink in. This phase where you answer the query in a plain ‘yes’ and ‘no’ helps both to understand more than the number of words uttered.

5. Make it Fun All Along the Way:

The first date experience usually speaks for itself. We need to accept the fact that there would be odd moments here and there. These things are a part of the whole package, to say the least. The thing that you can do is to make it a joy-ride. This is very much in control and you can try to raise certain expectations, if any.

6. Sharing Happy Moments of One’s Life:

It is difficult to know or judge people in the first meeting. People are not that easy to understand. Are we? You still have a decent chance to get valuable information. We present a good account of ourselves while sharing happier moments with others.

When two people are meeting for the first time, it is extremely difficult to leave an impression or build a perspective about the other person. All we can do is to carry home these moments spent together. The quality of time spent together would decide it for itself.

This is another day spent in both of your lives and the common thing is that you both have spent it together. You cannot expect any miracles to take place on a first date.

If there was any magic about love and loving others, it is our desire to make it possible.

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