How To Compromise With A Significant Other With Conflicting Religious Views

Compromise With A Significant Other With Conflicting Religious Views Religious values and beliefs are practiced keeping the image of God we inherit from our families. It is quite human to have differentiating or opposite religious opinions between the soul-mates.

It is a healthy sign, to say the least. This also shows the kind of freedom and trust invested in a relationship over a period of years. Sometimes, it becomes a difficult issue as how to compromise with a significant other with conflicting religious views. Our options get limited by the condition that we simply cannot surrender or walk away from such an important discussion.

The secret is to be prepared and accept the conflicting views as an open gateway to a new horizon waiting ahead. We must understand that no one person can be right or wrong when it comes to such a sensitive topic like religion and God.

You should listen to your spouse without holding any judgments against it. Your limited or restricted mindset can cause more damage to you than anybody else. There is a bigger possibility that it can have a life-changing impact on you. You need to learn the art of making a compromise here.

1. Showing Eagerness to Know More About one Another’s Religious Background

Religious teachings have a common message to spread. You would not find two different looking heavenly figures fighting together to claim the supremacy over one another. It is just humans who fight in the name of God or religion.

There should be a strong sense of desire to know more about your spouse’s religion and religious ceremonies. This is only going to help you to put your point in a far more effective manner. You need to participate in something to have any kind of knowledge available. It only shows ignorance and narrow-mindedness on your part to say something without knowing anything about it.

Conflicting Religious Views

2. Making Space For New Religious Beliefs to be Taken In

It would be highly irresponsible of us to expect you to know each and everything about your partner’s religion. Both of you should be able to walk few steps further to make a way for new religious ideas to be inculcated in your lives. Please do not neglect or criticize what you cannot understand here.

You can use the situation in your own favor by accepting what you have been able to understand and keeping something left behind for the next meeting. It is not just about making a compromise here. The mental and physical part of this evolutionary phase cannot be overlooked.

3. Treating Religious Differences as a Means to Strengthen your Own Belief in God

This would benefit you immensely. You should be thankful to your spouse here. It is like looking at the same thing from two strikingly different positions. The distance added is not an obstacle, by any stretch of imagination. You have just been given an opportunity to gather a different and significant view from the top.

There is nothing to feel uncomfortable or dejected about when your spouse has conflicting religious views.