How To Court A Woman

Many consider courtship to be an esoteric method of wooing a lady which doesn’t hold well in today’s era, but in reality it is not so. This method is still very popular among men and is actually quite apt in wooing a lady. Courting a lady only requires a bit of commonsense on your part. This when coupled with the right motif does help in impressing her.

How To Court A Woman

Love takes time to happen and if you really wish to court a woman, you should be your natural self. In this post, I would share some tips about courtship which I have learned over the years through different means. Knowing the right approach to courtship makes it a fun and rewarding experience, hence, let’s follow the natural approach.

Ways To Attract A Woman

Assess Y0ur Chances

By the time you are done meeting her for the first time, you would know whether she likes or dislikes you. It is here that you would have to assess your chances. However, attracting a woman is rather easy than winning her trust, and hence, the latter would need a lot of time than the former. In-fact the first date is enough to attract a female.

Become Friends

Guys have a habit of going crazy whenever they date someone and this is exactly what you need to curb. Instead, try befriending her casually as this would aid you in your goal. You must establish a connection that would allow you and the woman to have proper conversation.

Too  Much Attention Spoils The Fun

Girls crave for attention but if you are always at her beck and call, she would take you for granted. Hence, too much attention would actually spoil the budding relation. Talk to her and be by her side, but make sure that you have a life even outside this. Learn to socialize with others and keep yourself busy with things. Make sure that you do not give her all your attention and time in this phase.


How To Court A Woman

Yes, you do have the license to flirt! If you are trying to court a lady, flirting becomes the stepping stone for courtship. Send her little signs and meaningful messages that would give her a vague idea of your liking her. This would tease her and would set the stage for the next level of relationship.

Control Your Emotions

Men have a tendency of falling in love right at the first go. It’s like a bad addiction which men fail to quit. However, if you wish to court a lady, you would obviously have to control your emotions to a certain extent. Make her fall in love with you as they are most likely to betray themselves when they fall in love and would eventually profess the same on their own.

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Don’t Give It All

Do not give her all, while you are still trying to win her. Once you win her heart, you should consider giving more of yourself, but certainly not at this stage. Instead, try and enjoy this phase and the entire process of courting a lady.

Be Your True Self

It so happens that men, in trying to court a lady often put up their false self to gain her approval or trust. However, you would not be able to dupe her all your life and once she finds out, she would definitely dump you. Thus, try to be your normal self and if she cannot accept you for what you are, then she obviously doesn’t know what a nice guy really is.

Give Your Best Shot

Lastly, if you wanted to court her then she would obviously be very special. But at times, things do not work our way and we eventually get rejected. Try to give your best shot as all depends upon how you follow the above steps. A personal success in career dedicating her, playing a nice romantic song on guitar for her and being jolly often prove to be some of the effective ways of courting a lady.

Hence, a little change in your thinking process and attitude can aid you in courting a lady. However, do not fear rejection or failure. Instead, focus on your lady and be wary of mean girls. Have faith in yourself and the efforts that you make. True endeavor never goes unrewarded and hence, if you have been true and sincere in your efforts, you would surely get the woman you like. Once you take the initiative of courting a lady, never fall back or pay heed to the negative rumblings of others around you.