How To Date Women Who Are Jealous

It takes a lot to make a relationship work. Trust is the very essence of a relationship. However it is something which is very vulnerable too. A little mistrust or jealousy can turn out to be the deathbed for the relationship. Therefore, it depends solely upon two persons in a relationship to make it successful. However, it is a common belief among lover’s that the intensity of love in a relationship can often be judged by how much the partner feels jealous when she sees you with someone else.

Controlled jealousy can be a boon to a relationship as it sort of makes the bonding between the lover and his beloved strong. But uncontrolled jealousy can lead to serious problems in the relationship. Therefore, it is essential to control it. At the same time it is also essential for you to understand whether your partner can handle the jealousy problem himself/herself or not. In case she can’t handle it, then it is better to avoid trying and making him/her jealous.

How To Date Women Who Are Jealous

However, in very rare cases it can be seen that the trait of jealousy is present inside the partner. It is in the psyche or inherent in the nature. In such cases, your partner will need a lot of support from you. This trait is otherwise incurable and it depends upon the person facing the problem to resolve it. As a loving and caring partner, it is therefore your duty to see that things don’t become sorrowful for your relationship.

You have to understand that the jealousy stems out of her insecurity. She is afraid of losing you to someone else. This often is an outcome of her low confidence and self esteem. It is only you who can help in diminishing her fears. Certain guidelines can surely show you the path to handle your jealous partner.

Tips to Date a Jealous Partner

Give Her Time

Give Her Time

Try to spend as much time as possible with her. This will make her feel more secured and important.

Talk About Her Fears

Talk to her about her fears and problems so that you can solve them.

Assurance Helps

Assure her that you are loyal and would be devoted to her all your life.

Don’t Play Around

Don’t Play Around

Try not to get too close to any other girl in front of your lover/beloved even if she is a good friend. However, this does not mean that you completely give up your social life. Try to avoid doing things that makes her feel insecure.

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Bring her Close to Other Important People of your Life

Introduce her to you friends and family members to assure her of your commitment to a long term relationship.

Be Patient

Do not be aggressive towards him/her. Rather be patient and try to explain matters to her.

Explain Them

Find out if possessiveness is the cause of your partner’s jealousy or not. If it is so, then try to talk it out with her. Make your partner realize the importance of independence and personal space.

These are a few things that can help you handle your jealous partner. But this is not definitely a permanent solution. The person facing this problem in the relationship should also take an initiative to rectify herself. She should understand that a little bit of jealousy if not treated in time can become grave enough to take the love of her life away from her forever. Instead, make the relationship happy, trusty and love each other unconditionally so that jealousy can’t creep in it at all.

Jealousy in a relationship often results in its failure. As a jealous partner try to control yourself or learn how to control your jealous lover and save the relationship from a breakup.