How to do Sit Ups Effectively

Sit Ups exercise To curb body fat and tone muscles in your body, regular exercising is required. This can either be done in a relaxed way like cardio, aerobics or taking up physically challenging exercises like crunches. Light exercises like stretching and cardio help in releasing sweat and keep the body physically active but do not act as an effective aid in cutting extra flabs from your body.

That is why, they are considered to be warm-up exercises. For toning muscles and removing fat from your body, you need to perform some tough exercises. One of such effective exercises is Sit Ups and performing it regularly can help you get in shape easily.

Default Position For Sit Ups

To perform Sit Ups, choose a leveled surface. Lie down flat on your back, relax and breathe deeply for at least a minute before you do any physical movement. Then, bend your knees and move your legs towards your hips. Keep your head firm by holding it with the help of your hands. This is the default position for Sit Ups.

Position For Sit Ups


Start with the default position and slowly raise your shoulder blades up in the air. Make sure you do not put any strain on the neck and your back should also be straight when you move upwards. Try touching you knees with your forehead, this will be difficult for at least a week. Do not let the legs move forwards otherwise the stress on the stomach muscles would move to another part of the body. Avoid it as the exercise would become ineffective this way. Inhale while you go upwards and exhale when you move downwards. Again, keep the back stiff and straight to avoid cramps.


In case, you find it difficult to keep your legs at a place and they move with your movement, ask a friend or your gym partner to hold your feet firmly while you perform the exercise. The chest and chin should not touch each other and the elbows should be perpendicular to the rest of the body. Start this exercise with a repetition of five, this would make one set. Try performing three sets in the first week. Then, slowly increase the repetitions five onwards every day from the second week or as you feel comfortable with.

Effects Of Sit Ups

Earlier, this exercise was considered to be a productive exercise for abdominal muscles building but nowadays, gym trainers and experts do not consider it up to par. Other exercises are given more preference and the popularity of this exercise is gradually going down. But, this exercise still tops the charts in cutting down belly fat and reducing your rotund figures. As this exercises works around your stomach and waist, the flab around there burns and trims down.

Sit Ups are an age old way of putting one into shape and they are an essential part of one’s gym routine. If you are gym regular, you must have seen your colleagues performing Sit Ups every day with other exercises. So, include this exercise in your regular routine and watch it work out your muscles for you.