How To Dye Your Hair

For men who are looking to disguise those errant strands of grey hair, dyeing is a good option. Dye helps in grey hair coverage and also gives the hair a natural and rich texture. There are a plethora of colours available for men to dye their hair. While dyeing is simple, it is not as straightforward as it looks but requires some basic steps to follow in order to get a safe and rich colour.

Dye Your Hair

A Natural Ways To Dye Your Hair

Follow Instructions

Hair dye or colour comes with specific instructions on preparing and mixing the dye along with steps for application of the dye. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully including the time for which the dye should be left on the hair.

Do not forget to wear gloves to prevent the dye from getting onto your hands. By following these instructions, you can get good grey hair coverage as well as the colour you want.

Hair Care

Make sure you look after your hair before dyeing it. Start with a hair care routine one month prior to colouring it. Dry, damaged and unhealthy hair does not hold the colour and can look untidy.

It is important to deep condition the hair with regular hair oil massages or hair spas before you go in for a dye job. Make sure you shampoo and condition your hair before dyeing so that the hair is devoid of dirt, grime and tangles. Shiny, healthy hair catches the colour fast and stays that way for a long time.

Dye Your Hair

Get a Trim

Do not dye your hair unless you have to get rid of the split ends. Get a smart hair cut which will flaunt and highlight the new hair colour.

Wear Gloves

Always wear protective gloves while dyeing your hair. Wear a headband or apply some cream on your hairline around the forehead to prevent the colour from spreading to the surface of the skin.

Test for Allergies

Always test hair colour for allergies by doing a spot test on your elbow as given in the instructions. You need to do this even when you are using a different brand. If you suspect a skin allergy, rashes or itching, do not use the dye.

color Hair for men

Consult a Stylist

If you are not sure about the hair colour, consult a stylist who will give you valuable tips on the right hair colour for you. If you are not sure, try the hair colour on a few strands to see how it looks after dyeing.

Prevent Stains

Make sure you do not get your clothes stained. If you are self colouring, wear old clothes and put an old towel around your shoulders, which will protect your skin and clothes from staining. Apply cream or Vaseline on your ears, back of the neck and forehead to prevent the possibility of the colour running and staining the surface of the skin.

Accidental stains should be immediately wiped off with some alcohol. Make sure you colour by partitioning your hair into equal parts so that the colour is distributed all over the crown. This will give an evenly dyed look.