How To Eat For Better Sex

How To Eat For Better Sex People believe in the notion of ‘You are what you eat!’ which is absolutely true.If you eat too much of junk foods and skip the leafy vegetables then your digestive system will probably not like you for it. Similarly your performance on bed also depends on what you eat! Sex is a human need – in fact it is a need for both men and women equally.

Sex is fun but it could be more interesting if you eat the right foods. You might be wondering what food has got to do with better sex! Well, there are certain foods that can help you increase your stamina or simply produce high-quality sperms. Sounds great, isn’t it? If it is a resounding YES, then you might want to read on and find out.

The following changes in your diet will help you have better sex with your partner!

Top Foods To Eat For Better Sex

Asparagus For The Big O!

Don’t we all love the big O word? Getting an orgasm is probably the most amazing state one can be in. If you have trouble in getting an orgasm, then you should start eating asparagus.


It provides folic acid which helps in increasing histamine production. Once histamine production is increased in your body, you will be able to have an orgasm easily. Eating asparagus can be a difficult thing to do for most people but it helps you get an orgasm, so why not try it once?

Raise Your Libido With Oysters

Oysters are not yummy to eat for most people but it can help you to raise your libido. It works great for both men and women! The protein present in oysters will also give you stamina to rock the bed all night long. Also, eating oysters can be really sexy with your partner before the session!

Chocolate – The Love Food

Chocolate is all about love, sexiness, intimacy and attraction. When we think about chocolate, our minds start thinking of the sexy things that we can do with it. Eating chocolate off your partner’s body parts can be a really hot act. Chocolate has some great benefits too!

Chocolate – The Love Food

It has got phenylethylamine which helps in production of dopamine. Dopamine is produced in the brain where your pleasure centers are located. It also helps you unwind and gives you a feeling of ecstasy. Almost everybody loves chocolate, so it will not be too difficult for you to adjust it in your diet.

Peaches To Improve Sperm Count

If you want to increase or improve your sperm count, then you should start eating peaches. Peaches are filled with Vitamin C which helps in improving the sperm count. In fact if you add peaches to your diet, then problems like infertility can be cured too. Such a wonder fruit!

Eat Fatty Fishes For Arousal

Eating fatty fishes like tuna, sardine, salmon, etc. can actually help you increase the production of dopamine in the brain.

Eat Fatty Fishes

Production of dopamine, as mentioned above, helps in arousal. Arousal is necessary to have a great session on bed! If you are not aroused, you wouldn’t want to have sex just for the heck of it. So, eat fatty fishes because they have Omega-3 which helps in triggering arousal.

Strawberries And Other Berries

Strawberries are super-sexy in every way! Strawberries have this lovely red color which is really appealing. It looks really good and tastes even better. Most of the couples dip strawberry in chocolate or have it with whipped cream. Well, strawberries do help in spicing up your love life!

They not just look and taste great, but they play an important role in improving your sex life too. The Vitamin C present in strawberries helps in boosting your libido. The presence of Vitamin B in strawberries is also beneficial for your body.

There are other berries which are great for improving your sex life such as blackberries and blueberries. You can have them for breakfast so that you can be active throughout the day. They also have a Viagra-effect which makes it a popular fruit among couples. Why don’t you try it yourselves?

Spinach For Better Blood Flow And Arousal

Looks like Popeye – The Sailor man didn’t tell us about the detailed reasons of why we should eat spinach more often!

Spinach For Better Blood Flow And Arousal

Spinach is certainly a wonder vegetable which not just helps you in increasing stamina but also helps in better blood flow and arousal. Many people think that green veggies are boring but spinach seems like a very useful vegetable for improving your sex life.

Eating the right foods will not just help you have better sex but also satisfy your partner. After all sex is not just about satisfying your needs but your partner’s too! Eat right and have a rocking sex life!