How To Explore A Lovers Body

Explore A Lovers Body “Take a dive deep into the ocean of your lover’s body as she is standing outside watching you fulfilling all the desires forming on the sea surface”. She depicts yet to be born or unseen layers with ease while you were busy serving the needs of a highly-predictable mind.

She was there while a part of her mind was facing the challenge of opening the doors to universal energy flowing everywhere around, inside and outside, on the other hand physical senses were rising, burning and putting everything on fire. Our bodies have the potential to reach the highest standards of living (known as the abode of God) and come back again to be materialized or consumed by the daily growing needs of this unforgiveable world.

You can explore a lover’s body but then you have to lose yourself. We all are well-aware of the fact that two different worlds cannot exist together. How foolishly people think of sex as bodies colliding with one another and certain chemical fluids resulting in the birth of life? Your own expedition should not end there.

The exploration stage has just begun.

When you decide to explore a lover’s or your partner’s body, you take the first step towards realizing the importance of loving the other person as you love the underlying thought itself. It lights a fire which would discard every thought of returning back to the age of ignorance and living with immaturity. This would later be called as ‘a process of self-realization only thought to be possible with equal amount of pleasure derived by the lover as well’.

We have been talking about sex in plain terms so far. This is the only time when we are creating like the masters of our own fate. We all make love and spend a whole lot of time thinking about it. There are number of techniques to explore a lover’s body and extract every ounce of fun and excitement during the foreplay.

It keeps the passion running alive in human relationships even after years and years of time spent together. The obsession or desire behind to know more leads us forward in the chase to explore a lover’s body with unbridled passion and hunger to achieve more. This chase would not end or stop at one point in time. People should leave behind all the doubts to gather as precious an experience like this for what they have been sent here.

1. Slowly and admirably start undressing the clothes:

The naked beauty of human spirit shines through the glass. You cannot control the urge when she is powerfully dressed-up. You have already started acting on impulse by visualizing the whole picture in mind before the reality occurs. Both the partners know that the first touch holds immense importance as it would not stop admiring the beauty of other person till the end.

You need to touch her in a way that she can expect the next movement to be similar to what you have in mind. Touch her eyes, close the eye-lids as she knows and understand that what you are going to do next. The trick is to make it slow while clothes are losing out its place on the body. She is holding herself out in front of you and you have a secret admiration every time she chooses not to reveal the dark captivating fantasies.

2. Sing into her ears:

She is susceptible every time you whisper something into her ears. You know that she would like you to kiss her on neck, arms and wrists all over again. She would start feeling those unspoken words poured into her ears with all the love in this world.

3. Creative ways to add to the pleasure:

You should explore a lover’s body as she was expecting it to be. The tender love feeling should be kept all along the way. It is up to you that how you kiss her or caress her because in the end it is going to add to your experience.

How To Explore A Lovers Body

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Both of you should keep on exchanging thoughts as it encourages each other to maintain concrete focus. The end part should never be discussed. The secret to prolonged love-making sessions is that partners never discuss anything more than being in the moment they are enjoying together. The excitement level brings new creative ideas and thoughts into practice.

4. Bringing wild imagination into play:

Sometimes a thought is more powerful than the intention of doing it. A little bit of used force here and there can take her completely by surprise. This would make her come out of the comfort zone and provides you an opportunity to do something different. The art of making love has nothing old or new to it unless you keep the other person anticipating.

She is expecting you to hold her like a rose in the hands, brushing the petals with sun-kissed drops of light and sit on dusky beach sand all night long. It is all about love and caring about emotions.

5. Holding and breathing moments together:

Lay next to each other. We all can make it look beautiful. You can explore a lover’s body by making her feel through the intensity of your thoughts. Your bodies should correspond than any other human expression. Breathe every moment together as you cannot explore without being one, without being together.

6. The starry night has another affair to remember:

This would certainly do the magic for you. Hold her in your arms and look up in the sky. You can go out and share the moments while this time the sky above would be listening to everything and remembering everything for you.

It is such a rare thought to explore a lover’s body. The realization phase that you still love yourself, both as a single person and couple together, is undoubtedly indescribable in nature.

We have been bestowed with number of blessings in life and this one truly stands tall and high in order.

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