How To Get Bras For Men

How To Get Bras For Men

There are certain accessories that are usually associated with a particular sex; but certain physical complications or just for the sake of fashion or fetish such accessories can be worn and carried well by the opposite sex as well! Bras or brassieres are such accessories that are not only limited to the female sex but are also worn by the men.

Yes, we are talking about bras for men. It may sound bit queer at first but once you learn about the reasons for and the ways male bras can be of use to men it will just sound as thrilling and exciting for both the sexes.

Though it may sound weird at first but once you know the reasons for which men may consider to get bras for themselves it will become clear how men can both enhance their looks as well as take care of certain medical conditions by using male bras. The most common reason for which men may resort to use male bras is a condition called Gynecomastia in which some men may unfortunately develop breasts.


Developing breasts may cause enough ridicule and embarrassment for men and they need the necessary accessory to support their chest tissues and muscles which can give a tightening effect. Let us understand the various reasons for which men bras have become popular.

Understanding the Reasons for Which Men Wear Bras

As already mentioned Gynecomastia as well as too much obesity may require a man to put on a bra to create a flattening effect. Men also get bras for themselves for sexual reasons like impressing their partners, for executing sexual fantasies or for cross dressing. The bras are used to bind together the chest muscles or excess fat so that a man can get a clean and lean look.

Certain sports activities like running or jogging may also require wearing sports bra to avoid certain conditions like jogger’s nipple which is caused by too much friction of the nipples with the clothes that get wet with sweat.

Men always love to have a good body just like women. Men visit gym and does body building to enhance their muscular strength and shape which also include broadening the chest size. However some men have problems with their chest shape due to muscular or glandular over growth or excess fat.

Understanding the Reasons for Which Men Wear Bras

Male bras therefore come with the objective to suit men according to their individual needs. If a man has overgrown chest he may not be able to socialize well or even indulge in sports activities like running and jumping. Such activities lead to bouncing of the chest fat and muscles which are uncomfortable and embarrassing to look at. All such activities may even cause jogger’s nipple or nipple chafing which is quite painful.

But with an easy and social friendly solution like male bras many men have found life to be much easier and they are able to socialize and enjoy sports activities like any other man.

Types of Male Bras and Chest Supports

Men don’t have to feel that they are using bras as they may feel lack of masculinity or uncomfortable with the idea. It may be bit embarrassing to go shopping for brassieres. They can rather feel that they are using chest binders which sound more masculine and therefore a man won’t have issues wearing the same.

Some very good brands sell chest binders and vests that are exclusively made for males thus the men can go ahead and shop with pride. Shimmel is another such accessory created for male comfort and to give support to the tough male upper body.

Types of Male Bras and Chest Supports

It is recommended to go for such male bras which are actually chest supports and vests that are designed especially to suit the male body rather than using tight cloth fittings or bandage to avoid looking bulky. Such uncustomized fittings may abrupt breathing and may create enough discomfort than feeling good.

Useful Tips to Get Male Bras

Male bras are designed exclusively for men yet such accessories are not as common as that of female bras. Also there is a matter of embarrassment if a man doesn’t know where or how to acquire a proper male bra. The first tip is to check online and do some personal research on the types of male bras available and the one that will suit you the most according to your specific need.

Useful Tips to Get Male Bras

You can also place your order online and this can avoid any embarrassment. However you should be aware of your chest size which you can measure yourself or ask somebody to do so. Even if you want to buy from shops that sell male bras first learn about specific shops that sell such accessories.

If you need the chest binders for sports purpose go to a shop that sells sports accessories and attires. If the requirement is for medical condition or obesity then your physician may also guide you regarding how and where to acquire a male bra. For sexual reasons, transvestites and transgender fashion purpose various options are available from shops that sell sexual items to brands that give variety of options to choose from.

Don’t feel ashamed of yourself if your need to wear a bra is due to a medical condition such as Gynecomastia. Many men suffer from similar problems and you can feel free to talk to close friends and relatives about your problem.  They will be more than happy to guide you and help you. wear a bra


If you look around you may find several males with your problem and therefore no need to feel alone or embarrassed. According to different problems many people face they need required accessories to assist them deal with the challenging conditions. Male bra is one such accessory which will help you to deal with your physical problem to a considerable extent and make you feel good and confident! The male bra can give you the freedom to move around and indulge in any kind of physical activity with ease.

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