How To Get The Spark Back Into Your Relationship

 Spark Back Into Your Relationship Wonder why your girl always tends to shy away from you the moment you reach the bedroom every time after a romantic date? Wonder why even though she likes you a lot and wants a committed relationship from you, she never seems to enjoy getting into the bed with you?

Well, the answers to these questions may actually lie in a few bedroom rules that you might be falling short of whenever you invite your girlfriend in for a steamy sex session. Here are some of those golden rules that would teach you a thing or two about bedroom etiquette and keep the romance alive in the bedroom and your relationship as well.

How To Get The Spark Back Into Your Relationship

Making a Messy Entry

Your girl may like your disheveled look. But there is no way she would dig an unshaven, unwashed, smelly partner when it comes to sex. A bad body odor coupled with bad breath can have your girlfriend rushing out of the door sooner than you know it. So make sure to shower properly and apply a miniscule amount of perfume before the date to attract her.

Urgency is the Need of the Hour

The scene where the hero rips off the heroine’s dress in a desperate attempt to have sex can play itself multiple times in your mind. And your girl would probably like your urgency. But that is no excuse to tear her dress apart. In addition to putting her off instantly (how could you tear my shirt?), it could potentially make her walk out of the door in a huff (How can I go home in this?).

Foreplay Considerations

Alright, you are feeling pretty aroused and want your girlfriend to get into bed with you irrespective of whether she is aroused or not. That would be a complete turnoff for sure. Sex can never be exciting unless you add some foreplay to it.  And this doesn’t necessarily have to start only after you reach the bedroom.

How To Get The Spark Back Into Your Relationship

Subtle touches here and there, gentle smiles and naughty games can all increase her excitement and before you know it, she would be forcing you into bed rather than the other way around. So allot some time for foreplay and make sure that both of you are fully aroused before having sex.

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Phone Calls in Between

Imagine you and your partner enjoying a steamy session of sex. And just when both of you are about to climax, your phone rings and you pick it up only to find that it is a distant cousin who has nothing important to tell but decided to call you anyway for a chat.

And imagine that call lasting for the most 3-4 minutes. By the time you finish the call and get back to work, both of you would have lost the excitement and would be too tired to continue further.

Always make it a point to keep your phone in the silent mode when you have sex with your girlfriend.  Unless it is an extremely important call that you need to pick up right away, avoid picking up calls until after the session.

Being Too Selfish to Understand her Needs

Your girlfriend may need additional stimulation to reach orgasm. And this may take some time. So don’t ignore her needs and wishes, and try to get lone pleasure out of the session. Sex is best when enjoyed mutually by both parties. So take heed of her needs and act accordingly to make sex more exciting and fun.

Abrupt Ending

One of the highlights of sex is the part where you get to cuddle with your partner right after enjoying a steamy session of lovemaking. However, if you get out of bed right after the session and ask her to do the same, it would be a bad move on your part.

She might feel offended by your action and think that you do not love her truly. So make sure that you allot some time post sex to cuddle up to each other before getting out of bed.