How To Get Women In Bed

Every woman secretly wishes to get laid with a proper man and thus you would have to become that man to actually get to bed her. Getting women to bed is not a very complicated task as everyone of us desires to have good sex with a decent partner. However, all women are not alike and thus you may have to switch strategies depending upon the woman you are dating.

How To Get Women In Bed

Men often ponder over moves on how to get women in bed; however, they fail to identify the two path approach which ultimately would help them achieve the target. Depending upon the girl you are going around with, you may either have to try convincing her to get into bed with you or be the man with whom women happily get into bed with. An 8 point strategy like the one mentioned below can often help you get women into bed.

Ways To Get Women In Bed

The Right Words

Women do like complements and once you are close with the women of your choice, try showering praises on her. This often is a big turn on for women and if you are lucky enough the lady might just be ready for the night.

Lip Service

A good kiss is all that you require getting her to bed. There are many women who are often choosy about whom they kiss or smooch, but ultimately once you have had the privilege, make sure that you kiss her well and get her to the point of no return. By the time you are done kissing, she would be dying to get into bed with you.

A Bite Or A Nibble

If you have had the privilege of sex before, you would surely know the importance of things as a bite or a nibble. Once done at the right places, the women would be asking for more.

To Cook Something Up

How To Get Women In Bed

If you have a very romantic bonding with the lady, you may invite her for dinner at your place. Cook things that you think would definitely impress her. For some women, things like candlelight dinner, romantic music in the background and a bottle of wine are enough to get her into the mood.

Use Of Hands

I am sure you have seen this in a lot of movies! What starts out as a proper foot massage slowly eases into a back massage and beyond. This when coupled with few light feather kisses does heat up things.


Women do like their partner’s flirt with them. It often happens that the initial spark of the relationship dies out soon, and thus mischievous things like flirting with each other, reignites the lost fervor and finally gets you the chance to land into bed with her.

Be Patient

At times, you may feel that you have done enough and in-spite of that you are not getting to get her into bed. However, it is at those times that you need to be a little patient and not be pushy about it. You would obviously not want your lady to think of you as a sex freak. So, learn to wait a little and have faith in your efforts.

Go Down

This is probably the point from where a lady can never say no! Once you have gone down on her first, she would slowly cease to resist. Once she stops resisting and rather starts enjoying it, you may carry her to the bed.