How to Give a Woman Orgasm

How to Give a Woman Orgasm Achieving an orgasm is an integral aspect of the lovemaking process and sexual intercourse. Sex is an art which is mastered with skills acquired through practice along with the trial and error methods of learning. Orgasm can be explained in the simplest manner by understanding it as the climax of sexual pleasure.

While ejaculation is the ultimate manifestation of the sexual pleasure achieved by a man yet giving orgasm to a woman may not be so easy. Orgasm and sexual pleasure shouldn’t be confused because the whole act of sex beginning from foreplay to the ultimate climax is a pleasurable journey. Orgasm is on the other hand an extreme sexual pleasure that is the culmination of the whole sexual act. It is important to mention here that everybody may not enjoy orgasm even if they are enjoying the sexual act. To achieve and give orgasm first you have to understand what orgasm is.

Tips To Give A Woman Organism

Understanding Female orgasm

Female orgasm is very much similar to that of a man’s orgasmic moment. This is logical because the male and female genital organs are built in the same manner with nerve endings and stimulating points but somewhat structurally different. While the male penis tip is as sensitive as the female clitoris so does the orgasmic spasms occurring in a female are very much akin to the moments of ejaculation of a man.

Understanding Female orgasm

In order to understand the female orgasm you must first understand the basic differences between the male and female sexual process. The most important consideration about females is that they don’t get aroused physically as soon as males do which means the efforts on the part of the man should be more. To make your woman enjoy and ask for more from you first her body has to be made ready. This readiness paves the way to enable and enhance sexual pleasure which can eventually cause an orgasm to happen. If you are a man who wants his woman to boast that you have made her experience orgasm then your efforts are worth a try. You may hear or read about various theories about giving a woman an orgasm or trying to find her ‘G’ spot. Well the truth is each woman has her own way of reaching orgasm which she herself may not be aware of. The journey of giving an orgasm to a woman can be challenging, thrilling and exciting as you go through a process of trials and errors which also give you the chance to discover each other more and more.

Ways That Work Best To Give A Woman Orgasm

Foreplay is a very important aspect of lovemaking which prepares the body of your woman to take the plunge. You have to show patience until you find her body asking for you to enter her. The interest must be built in her if you are trying to give her an orgasm. Kissing, hugging, cuddling and playing with each other are effective ways to do foreplay.

Ways That Work Best To Give A Woman Orgasm

Communication is also important as you can talk with your lady and find out which are the ways she wants to be made love to and what are her fantasies. Much of female sexual pleasure is also determined by the level of intimacy and emotional bonding she shares with you. Make her feel loved, wanted and appreciated. Once you have done the initial foreplay and set the stage then begin caressing her clitoris which is the most sensitive area of the female genitals. Begin with gentle strokes and then raise the momentum gradually. Go around the clitoris and you can use your soft tongue to explore her softness.

Ensure that she is wet enough or you can use a lubricant. Don’t just concentrate on a single area as the whole body of the woman is spread with sensitive points. Play with her breasts, nipples, belly and navel. You will see for yourself that she is throbbing with pleasure and indicating you to enter her. Once you enter her and begin giving the thrusts of your hardness in no time she will experience the gust of sexual bliss. It will be a great feeling when both of you has enjoyed the sexual climax as you finally ejaculate and she gets an orgasm.

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