How To Handle An Insult

How To Handle An Insult Life is a journey and we meet many fellow travelers on this journey. Some travelers make this journey beautiful while others try to make it . Almost all of us have been insulted by people around us, both close and not so close.

Some of us take it in our stride while others keep on brooding on how it has hurt us. So, how do you actually handle an insult? It is definitely not easy to accept someone humiliating you, may be in private or in public. Read on to figure out how to handle insults without letting them bother you.

A Little Story

There is a very famous story about a boxer who became a salesman because of money. It turned out that he was very good at getting jobs but very bad at keeping them. Whenever he used to get insulted by any client, he used to punch that person hard just because he couldn’t handle insults.

As a result, there came a day when he had no job, no money and definitely no friends. I am sure you wouldn’t want to become that boxer, but again it is easier said than done. But, it is not that difficult to handle an insult if you really take your mind off that.

Ignorance is Bliss

The best way to offend a person who has insulted you is to ignore him or her. Make sure you make that person feel that his/her words haven’t affected you and that you do not at all care about what they think of you. Of course, you would do this with someone whom you are not very close to or someone who is not superior to you in office.

Time is The Best Healer

Give yourself a timeframe to brood over the insult. It is very important that we face our feelings and inner emotions. Simply avoiding our problems is not the solution. Hence, if deep within you are truly bothered by the insult please take time to think over it but move on later.

Handle An Insult

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Scribble it Out

Many a times its anger which makes us do unnecessary things. After an insult, the easiest way out is to shout and make the matter worse. You wouldn’t want to continue the fight and ensure a series of foul words are aimed both at you and your opponent. Instead, take a pen and a paper and scribble on the paper till you feel comfortable and calm. This is a very good method to ease out your pain too.

Feel Sorry

Many a times we speak badly to people and do not realize it. Maybe the person who insulted you was one of those people. In that case completely forget about it. Pray that these people realize and mend their ways soon.

Was it your Fault?

We do not want to accept our mistakes. Yes, this is true. If you were insulted for a fault of yours, accept it and try not to repeat that mistake. Of course, being rude is not at all justified but understand you weren’t exactly innocent. Since, both are to be blamed forget and move on.

Bring It On

If someone insulted you about your abilities, looks or anything changeable, bring that change and show it to the person. Many a times, our bosses insult us saying that this job is too good for us, and no company would hire us. Prove them wrong. If it truly hurts you, remind yourself of that insult again and again and work towards a positive change which will make them eat up their words.

Becoming angry and choosing the easy way out can be soothing for a short time. But, the best way is to keep your cool and not let unimportant people affect you. Your close ones will never insult you and even if they do, realize that it is for your own good. Nonetheless, whenever you are insulted just lock yourself in a closed space and breathe for sometime.

No one deserves rude behavior and you are no different. Tackle things intelligently. Always remember, you are greater than the person who is being rude to you.