How To Increase Your Metabolism To Lose Weight

If you have tried hard to lose your excessive weight and have failed to lose considerable amount of weight then one probable reason for this could be your slow metabolism. Now you may think that what the relation between weight loss and metabolism is!

There is a close link between these two i.e. weight loss and body metabolism. Experts clearly state that you lose weight at a faster rate when your body metabolism is high as compared to those people who have slow metabolism.

What is Metabolism?

Metabolism is an important process that is carried out in your body. It is a set of chemical reactions that occur in your body cells. In this entire process, your body converts calories and fuel derived from the foods you consume, into energy for performing other tasks.

You may find it interesting to know that nearly thousands of metabolic reactions take place simultaneously. And all these reactions are very well regulated by your body. There are certain proteins in your body that control the body metabolism and every chemical reaction is coordinated and synchronized with other functions performed by your body.

Your metabolism starts right at the time when you are conceived and ends with your death. It means that metabolism is a continuous and steady process. Some people, especially men tend to have a high metabolic rate and hence burn more calories and lose more weight as compared to others.

But, metabolic rate generally shows a decline after the age of 40. People who have slow metabolism due to any reason can naturally boost their metabolism and succeed in burning fat and losing weight.

Yes, if you want to shed your extra pounds then you need to increase your body metabolism by taking some appropriate measures. Given below are some ways to increase your metabolism and lose weight easily.

How to Increase Your Metabolism to Lose Weight:

Consume Adequate Protein

All foods that you eat will increase your metabolism to some extent. But if you want significant increase in your metabolism then you must include protein rich foods with each meal.

Carbohydrates and fat get easily digested and hence less work has to be done by your digestive system. But digesting protein is somewhat difficult and it also requires at least 25% more energy to digest it. Thus, you experience considerable weight loss by including protein in every meal.

Protein also contributes in building muscle mass which in turn helps in the process of weight loss. Thus, adding protein to your diet not only provides nutrition to your body but also speeds up your metabolism and helps in losing weight.

You must include some healthy sources of protein in your diet like tofu, eggs, fish, nuts, beans, lentils, lean meat, chicken breast, turkey breast, low-fat dairy products, etc.

Eat Adequate Foods & Don’t Starve

Foods are essential to keep your body functions intact. Metabolism also depends directly on the foods you consume. So you must consume at least 1000 calories per day to keep your metabolism elevated.

 Increase Your Metabolism To Lose Weight

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This is vital because if you do not supply your body minimum 1000 calories in a day then your body may get the signal that you are going into the starvation mode and eventually your metabolism will come down.

Therefore, crash dieting is never recommended for weight loss by the experts as it provides no help in losing weight permanently. So you must neither overeat nor starve yourself if you want to increase your metabolism and lose weight.

Increase Fiber Intake

Foods high in fiber is necessary to increase body metabolism because similar to proteins, it takes longer time and more efforts to digest fiber. This in turn increases your metabolic rate and thus helps in healthy weight loss. Fiber rich foods will also improve your digestive system and make your bowel movements regular, which will aid in weight loss.

Take Sufficient B Vitamins

If you find yourself low in energy quite frequently then you should consider taking B Vitamins. You should increase intake of foods that are high in B Vitamins and if you are unable to meet the RDA of B Vitamins then you can take supplements. Vitamin B 12 is especially important for energy and hence its daily requirement should be met.

Taking B-complex vitamin supplement can help you to feel energetic and thus your metabolism will be increased and you will be able to exercise and lose weight.

Get Adequate Chromium

Presence of sufficient amount of chromium nutrient helps your body to burn more calories. It enhances your fat burning capacity by stimulating your body metabolism. Your body needs 120 mcg of chromium per day. You can get this vital mineral from foods such as tomatoes, spinach, eggs, apples, bananas, green pepper, etc.

Have Your Breakfast

Your metabolic rate enters the ‘resting phase’ while you are sleeping at night. In order to activate and boost your metabolic rate, you need to have your breakfast each morning without fail. Eating a nutritious breakfast early in the morning will help you to kick start your body and increase your metabolism. Thus, losing weight necessitates that you don’t miss out your breakfast.

Eat Smaller Meals at Regular Intervals

Your body requires constant fuel, which it derives from the foods you consume. When foods reach your alimentary canal, your body has to work hard in order to digest it and convert it into body fuel.

This whole process ignites your metabolism. An increased level of metabolic rate helps your body to shed more pounds in short span of time and also helps you to maintain normal weight. Therefore, you must try to eat at regular intervals to keep your metabolism ignited.

But this does not mean that you need to consume extra foods. What you need to do is to divide your total food consumption in a day into 5 to 6 smaller portions and have them at an interval of 3 to 4 hours. Maximum foods should be consumed in the first half of the day and at dinner; you should have light meal and soup.

The tips on how to increase your metabolism to lose weight that have been mentioned above have been found to be very effective. Hence, you should try them and see the amazing result.