How To Increase Your Number Of Sit-Ups

Increase Your Number Of Sit-Ups Sit-Ups are an exercise, which are greatly used in order to build the abdominal muscles. Most people have a difficulty in performing many repetitions of this exercise.

However, there are ways by which you can increase the number of repetitions, when performing sit-ups. Listed below are some of the ways by which you can increase your number of Sit-ups.

Tips To Increase Your Number Of Sit-Ups

Training all The Muscles

In order to increase the number of sit-ups you can perform, it is important that you keep practising this exercise regularly. However, it is also important that you train all the other muscles of your body as well as all these muscles help you to perform this exercise.

By training all the stabilizing, primary as well as secondary muscles, it will help you to increase the number of Sit-ups you can perform. Train all these muscles at least twice a week.

You can begin to add exercises such as squats, leg extensions as well as hanging leg lifts into your workouts, which will help to add strength to the quadriceps, obliques as well as hip flexors, which play a major role in executing this exercise.

Training to Failure

It is also important to start performing this exercise to failure. According to several fitness trainers, performing Sit-ups to failure will help in increasing the number of repetitions you will be able to perform. You can try performing this exercise till you cannot perform any more reps with correct form.

After that, rest for around 30 seconds and perform this exercise again to failure. Perform this exercise for 3 to 4 sets reaching failure. You must strive to increase the number of Sit-ups you can perform in each workout and keep doing this till you reach your goal.

Superset with AB Exercises

When you are performing exercises for training your chest, back, or legs, you must begin to superset it with Ab exercises. Supersets will help in adding intensity to your workouts as you will train the abs when you are resting other muscles. For Example: You can perform one set of bench presses and follow that with one set of sit-ups.

Training Schedule

It is important that you train your abdominal muscles regularly for at least three times a week. It has been stated that the abdominals are the muscles which experience fatigue rarely. This is due to the limited resistance as well as the range of motion during everyday activities.

You must prepare a training routine for the week, which may be sit-ups on Monday, Thursday and Saturday. On Tuesday, you could focus on training the muscles of your upper-body. On Friday, you could focus on training the lower body muscles.

Slower Repetitions

Sit-ups are much harder to perform when done in a slow and controlled manner. Performing slow and controlled repetitions will help in building strength in the abdominal muscles, thereby helping you to perform more sit-ups, when doing them at normal pace.

You must perform the exercise very slowly i.e. 5-6 seconds for the upward part of the movement and the same time for the lower part of the movement. If you are an advanced trainer, you can hold a weight plate in front of your chest and perform the sit-ups. This will be helpful in boosting the strength of your abdominals.