How To Jog To Lose Weight

Exercising is one of the most vital ways when it comes to losing weight and what can be easier that jogging or running. These two workouts are simplest and highly effective in losing weight considering that these work on the full body, focusing particularly on the large muscles of legs.

How To Jog To Lose Weight

How To Jog To Lose Weight

Begin With walking

Think about your physical condition in order to decide if walking would be a better start before jogging. This is because beginners, especially overweight people must be cautious when starting the exercising routine. However, jogging works perfectly for those who are slightly overweight but in otherwise good shape.

Setting A goal

Initiate your exercising schedule with setting a weight loss goal for yourself. For instance, for losing around 1 pound every week, it is necessary that you burn 500 calories more each day that what you consume. This can, however, be achieved either only by exercise or a combination of exercise and diet both.

Follow A Regular Program

Ensure that you strictly follow a regular program of running inclusive of at least 20 minutes of jogging sessions. Keep in mind that the amount of calories you burn in each running session depends totally on your weight along with the running speed.

How To Jog To Lose Weight

It is easy to calculate the amount of calories burnt with the help of HealthStatus calorie burned estimator. If a beginner, it is advised to start with walking and then gradually talking to running. Ensure that you continue this routine until you achieve running for full 20 minutes.

Make A Jogging Schedule

Further, it is important to make a jogging schedule which you will have to follow throughout the week. This must include a varying routine in your exercise in order to achieve best desired results. For instance, say you can try jogging for 15 minutes at high speed on one day whereas the nest day you jog at lower speed but for 35 minutes. The schedule if includes some moderate 30 minutes of jogging days in a month, you can look forward to a mix round in your schedule.

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Adding Intensity

Adding intensity to your running will help you burn greater amount of calories on a daily basis and this can be done by simply running faster. For instance, a 150 pound runner if runs with a speed of nearly 6 miles per hour for around 20 minutes will burn about 228 calories. Now, if he increases his speed from 6 miles per hour to 8 miles, he will surely burn more calories nearly up to 306.

Running Up Hills

Jogging up hills or on the stairs will definitely burn high calories. If you want to have an effective workout on a hill, ensure that you are running at least 5 or 6 hills which are minimum 200 yards long. On the other hand, if you pick the staircase workout, try going up the stadium steps and then jogging down slowly so that you get time to recover yourself. These two workouts not only help you burn calories but also strengthen your legs too.

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