How To Let Go Of The Past And Move Forward

How To Let Go Of The Past And Move Forward Which direction to move in? This often tells the story of people walking on each side of the road. There is no end to our troubles when past is walking side by side with us. Like every other person walking on the road you are also heading home, but the question still persists.

How to Let Go of The Past and Move Forward?

Wisdom rules in every remaining part of the universe. It accompanies peace as one of its few disciples. The only place it is missing is my dear friend your home and your mind. You do not have peace because you lack wisdom. Our lives continue to roll in misery and suffering of the past due to the denial of the fat that wisdom can only be learned.

All good things can only be experienced by connecting with the situation and finding the purpose of your presence over there. As you watch those people walking on the road without a roof on their heads, you were not a mere spectator or passer-by there. Think twice! You were not there by a chance but with a purpose.

It is the purpose which has the significance of changing the past and reforming the impending future. You are so deadly poisoned by the past. Your days are spent like an image of a rotten apple which should have been eaten by now for at least ten thousand times.  Until that change, you would continue to live like a rotten apple.

We should Understand The Severity of The situation here.

There is one thing that you can do. Start writing! First write the lines for few times and then leave it till you forget it. Come back again. Find that piece of paper or else get a new one and start writing again. You need to write for six thousand times this time, in case you did not bother to ask. And this is also because you forgot to keep the paper in the right place earlier.

And the lines are- Past has Disappeared that’s why I have come here to Live in the Present.

It should not be a difficult task for you. Every time you write it down for another time, there would be few falling drops of the thought catching a glimpse of your memory to be long remembered. This is what you need to look out for while walking on the road.

You would often hear somebody say that they saw you in a store or local bakery, but it went unnoticed.

Did you get that? You were there when they would have possibly waived a hand or called out the name. You were unable to respond or show signs of being there. You should not feel worried here. There would have been tons of similar incidents already taken place by now. Now, this is a worrying sign.

1. Blast the Past:

It is easy and we have been doing it regularly. You can find the answer for yourself. Start developing a habit of writing. It is about keeping a safe record of your past. We need to write about the past so that our minds can be presently focused on today. There is a dedicated procedure to follow here.

You cannot turn the light on and off as mind has a functioning pattern of its own. Those who think that by following a routine of writing in a journal is only going to worsen the pain of living in the past and present, they shall provide themselves an opportunity to listen to the whole part.

When you sit comfortably and start putting your thoughts down on a piece of paper, it does not end there. You should complete the chapter or episode first. Take some time as your body need to realize that a small portion of the past has been released here. This wee part comprises of you as a whole person who is suffering from the trauma of not being able to live in the present fully.

Past And Move Forward

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Keep the journal firm in your hands and start walking towards the backyard. You have been asked to put the journal in a basket or box, whatever you have, so that you can realize that it has a place outside (within the shelter of home). By following a procedure of taking it and putting it outside in the backyard, you are focusing to build a culture here.

This practice over here is capable of changing physical and psychological approach towards the subject of leaving past and moving ahead in life. It solves our purpose with a definitive sense of victory attached to it. You cannot switch back to past and present without opening up the lock, moving to the backyard and reading right from the start of a chapter.

2. Carry a Portable, Physically non-existent bin Everywhere Around:

This is what it is meant for. Our inner-world is not much different to how we use things in the world outside. The confidential bin or trash box should be carried along everywhere.

The good part is that you need not to carry any object or product physically in your hands. You should be aware of the fact that it is always there when you want to use it. This is one of the successful techniques to be used when you are looking to let go of the past and move forward in life.

Those moments, some ideas and wasteful memories of the bitter past shall be thrown straightaway into the physically non-existent bin. Such moments should never be fed on the diet of keeping close to our minds. The most effective technique is to shake hands with somebody. This would work brilliantly as you would be able to loosen the grip on the thought of living in the past.

Please, do not get it wrong. By shaking hands with the other person, you have not transferred the negative energy but it has been sent somewhere to an assigned place in this universe with the help of the other person. This person over here was simply not feeling the burden of those unnecessary feelings harbored by you.

The past memories are just meant to be there in any of these three places- a bin, a journal and in the past forever.