How To Lose Body Fat

How to Lose Body Fat Fat accumulation always doesn’t happen in the same proportion all over your body. Sometimes your limbs may be thinner or in the right shape while the most susceptible area of fat accumulation happens to be around your belly and waist. This gives a disproportionate look which makes you look not so presentable.

You can reduce fat from localized areas by following dietary tips and lifestyle modifications. However, if fat deposits are all over your body then the following steps will assist you in reducing them. Remember the two essential steps of losing excess fat from anywhere on your body; burning enough calories and avoiding activities or foods that make fat accumulate in your body.

Understanding Body Fat Percentage

Everything follows a methodical guideline and you just can’t go about losing body fat without understanding the concept of body fat percentage. You must ensure that you maintain the ideal fat percentage in your body which should be neither too high or too less to avoid any health complications. Body fat percentage is calculated according to your body weight to determine how much fat you need to lose or do you at all require to lose body fat or not.

Rather than aiming for losing body fat the goal should be to balance body fat percentage to create proper equilibrium between lean muscles and necessary amount of body fat.

Tips To Lose Body Fat And Balance Body Fat Percentage

Losing Unhealthy Fats And Making Way For Healthy Fats

Necessary and healthy fat percentage should be maintained while excess unhealthy fat must be burnt through workouts and dietary changes. Saturated fats and simple carbohydrates in your diet must be reduced to bare minimum while healthy fats can be provided through lean meats and complex carbohydrate intakes.

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Avoid salad toppings, junk foods, oily foods and foods rich in cream and butter. Go for leafy vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low fat dairy products and fruits. Complex carbohydrates are present in brown rice, beans and sprouted grains. All such foods serve multiple purposes of providing you with essential nutrients, less calorie intakes and healthy fats.

Physical Activity

Proper physical activity enough to burn calories and create the proper body fat balance is the next essential step after diet. You should keep your workouts and exercises mixed with various interval based and strength training exercises. You will be able to lose body fat and maintain lean muscles most successfully.

Take Herbal Teas, Lot Of Water And Healthy Fluids

Herbal teas are healthy beverages that have antioxidants and help you to reduce body fat if you take them regularly.

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Take lot of water as it will keep your well hydrated and cleanse the body from toxins that assist in unhealthy body fat build up. Take fruit juices and protein drinks after workouts to help build muscle mass and repair muscle tissues.

Improve Metabolism Rate

Improving the metabolism is essential to lose body fat and build lean muscles.  Practicing good eating habits, doing enough physical activities and adding spices like pepper, chilies and dried ginger to your meals can boost up metabolism rate.

Practice Good Eating Habits

These include eating breakfast, eating slowly without hurrying and chewing properly, eating small frequent meals than large ones and avoiding going to sleep immediately after a meal as it hampers metabolism.

Avoid Substance Abuse

Excess alcoholism and substance abuse unnecessarily build unhealthy body fat and also harms your important organs. Keep alcohol to healthy limits and enjoy life!